Meet & Greet! Nominate Your Favs!

This event is now closed, thank you so much to all  of you that participated! Please feel free to read through the comments below to find blogs to add to your reader. Mark your calendar for the next meet and greet April 15th-17th!

I’m so excited for this week’s meet and greet topic! I check out each and every blog that is in the comments section of my meet and greets. Given the amount of participants plus their suggestions, it can take me a while but I get to them. Sacha’s blog was recommended during my last meet and greet by Simon (thanks Simon!). He recommended this post which peaked my interest and I followed Sacha so I could come back to her blog at a later time and go back to my meet and greet to continue reading more blogs before I fell too far down the rabbit hole.

Not long after I started following Sacha, I saw a post called Bloggers Bash. I was scrolling through my reader and hadn’t read the whole title and thought, “What?! Why would someone promote bashing bloggers?” Then I scrolled back up and read the whole title, “The Bloggers Bash AWARDS Are Here”. Oh that’s different…

That prompted the idea for this week’s meet and greet topic! To participate, I’d like for you to leave a link for a blog that you think is award worthy. Whether small or large, one you just found or have been following for years, they are all fair game! I think this is a great way to put the focus on other blogs. Of course, leave a link to your blog at the end of the comment but just this once I’d like to focus on our fellow bloggers in this meet and greet. Sharing is caring, and you’d be surprised by how many people will stop by your blog based on what you have to say about someone else!

Don’t be afraid to come back throughout the weekend. You can nominate a blog a day if you want!

The rules of engagement are as follows-

  1. Nominate at least 1 blog and tell what category you are nominating it for. If you want to list more than one blog, I’d suggest a separate comment for each nomination otherwise it will sit in my spam folder until I can get to it (I only allow for 2 links).
  2. Tell a little bit about why you feel this blog deserves the nomination.
  3. Leave a link to your blog. It can be a post, your about page or your home page but please don’t leave any further comments about your blog, this time we are focusing on the nominees!
  4. Share, share, share! Either reblog, spread the word on social media or both! The more that hear about this, the more exposure your blog and nominees get!




Best Overall Blog Award-

They’ve got it together! Great content, stand out in a crowd, and an example of what a great blog is all about!



Funniest Blogger Award-

Cracks you up time and time again! The blogger you can depend on for a great laugh!



Most Inspirational Blog Award-

Inspires, motivates and possibly even challenges you!



Best Dressed Blog Award-

 The most visually appealing, stylish or best looking blog. The one that makes you want to step your blog layout up!




Most Informative (Original Content) Blogger Award-

This blogger goes out of their way to provide articles, information, how to posts, reviews, or other content that they do all of the behind the scenes digging for you.


Best Book Review Blog Award-

Maybe their reviews are persuasive, maybe you appreciate their perspective, or they start great discussions about the books they review.



Services to Bloggers Award-

This blogger goes out of their way to help other bloggers. Whether it’s tips, tricks and advice for other bloggers or they’ve actually helped you format or fix something on your own blog. This is for the blogger that goes above and beyond to help their fellow blogger.


Hidden Gem Blog Award-

A blog more people should know about! Whether you just found them, they just started, they’ve been at it for a while but don’t have as much exposure. Shine your light on them!


Newcomer Blog Award-

Whether they’ve hit the blogosphere with a bang or you just know they will do great things soon, recommend bloggers that have just started blogging within the past year that you can’t get enough of!


Best Pal Blog Award-

This blogger makes you feel like you’ve known them for a while or like you’d want to hang out with them if they were in the area. Maybe they strike up great conversation,  really listen and interact, or maybe they just have a good vibe.

All credit for layout, award categories, award images and this post in general goes to Sacha. I was going to reblog this post  but thought this would be a fun way to get the word out to those that didn’t know about the awards and incorporate it into my meet and greet. Thanks again Sacha for allowing me to share in this way!

Please note, this is just for fun. This is not going anywhere beyond this meet and greet. If you are interested in nominating blogs for the actual Bloggers Bash Awards, please go to Sacha’s Bloggers Bash to get the latest information. Start brainstorming blogs to nominate when the real nominations open up!

A big thank you to The Bloggers Meetup for spreading the word about this meet and greet in their neighborhood of the blogosphere! 

And the nominees are…



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    Hey Nikki holds a blogger meet and greet each weekend! This weekend we are to nominate other blogs for awards, a fun award thing. So check out Nikki’s post on the awards and her rules for this week’ends meet and greet!

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  2. Hi Niki I’d like to nominate the family behind for Inspiring Blogger Award. Their tag line is Healthy Living in Fragile Environments and they are full of inspiring ideas for minimising your carbon footprint. They also blog about their adventures in Nepal where among other things they volunteered following the earthquake and helped set up children’s libraries.

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