Make sure to stop by and check out this acceptance post and while you’re at it, take a peek at her post for the A-Z Challenge. You might find it helpful for you or someone you know.

Thanks again for participating!


I have recently been nominated for the “Liebster Award ” of which I am very honoured and take this pleasure in thanking my very kind   new blogosphere friend Niki , The Richness of a Simple Life. Who has a super blog, that must be viewed, some of you may know her through her famous Meet & Greet Week-ends, if not don’t miss out come and meet everyone. Another great challenge will be taking place on the 9th May, The kindness Challenge, pop over now and sign up, don’t miss this. 

liebster-award-a pink

I have been asked to answer the following 10 question’s sent to me by Niki, so here we go, 

1)   What did you write before you started blogging ?

Apart from a journal of my everyday bits & bobs, I can honestly say nothing. I have done a lot since, but’s that’s another question.

2)   Who did…

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