2016 A-Z Challenge Posts

If you missed one of my challenge posts or you read one and want to read more you can find the collection of posts here. My core post is a theme reveal as well as “before” post. I plan to give a review on my experience and write an “after” post. I hope you enjoy!


Day 1 A- Autobiography Ashamed

Day 2 B- Poem Bitterness

Day 3 C- Courageous

Day 4 D- Dictionary definition of Depression & Postpartum Depression

Day 5 E- Encyclopedia entry Envy

Day 6 F- Fiction Feisty

Day 7 G- Good-natured

Day 8 H- Reflection on Honesty

Day 9 I- The Many Faces of Intolerance

Day 10 J- Journal Entry (using my inner child to write it)

Day 11 K- Kindness Challenge

Day 12 L- Lonely

Day 13 M- Misunderstood or Mislabeled

Day 14 N- Nostalgia (en español and in English)

Day 15 O- Optimistic (state of being vs. feeling)

Day 16 P- Powerful

Day 17 Q- Quirky

Day 18 R- Realistic Fiction Relentless

Day 19 S- Short Story Shaken

Day 20 T- Tuckered Out

Day 21 U- Unbalanced

Day 22 V- Vulnerable

Day 23 W- Wanted

Day 24 X- Xenophobic

Day 25 Y- Youthful

Day 26 Z- Zen


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