You know what this weekend is!

It’s that time again!! I’m really excited about this weekend’s meet and greet! I have an ongoing list of ideas but this week’s idea was most unexpected and one of my favorites so far!

Start spreading the word! I’m hoping to have one of the biggest ones I’ve hosted so far! The only way I can make that work is with your help, so please reblog, tweet, post and share on all of your social media sites so we can have a big blog party this weekend! You know the theme won’t be revealed until Friday, but start thinking about your favorite blogs, you know you always have to come with a link in hand ๐Ÿ™‚

Pass this along!


29 Replies to “You know what this weekend is!”

      1. send me a note as soon as the post launches the event so I can update the link in our site, ok? I’ll definitely be checking for it but want to make sure I get it up asap.

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      2. If there’s any way you might give a shout to our community site too we would love it. Don’t feel required to though…we have the event up now and will begin promoting tomorrow.

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