Tuesday Tao- Home

22. Home

Accept and you become whole,
Bend and you straighten,
Empty and you fill,
Decay and you renew,
Want and you acquire,
Fulfill and you become confused.

The sage accepts the world
As the world accepts the Way;
He does not display himself, so is clearly seen,
Does not justify himself, so is recognized,
Does not boast, so is credited,
Does not pride himself, so endures,
Does not contend, so none contend against him.

The ancients said, “Accept and you become whole”,
Once whole, the world is as your home.

Translated version found here

Beautiful words. When I read this I think about breaking down an building back up, becoming a better version in spite of or because of what broke you. This spoke to me because sometimes you have to go through certain things to become who you are. Struggles build character.

What are your thoughts on this? What does it mean to you? How does it apply to your life? What part speaks to you the most? I love to hear your perspective on these, one of my favorite conversation points of the week!

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2 Replies to “Tuesday Tao- Home”

    1. It did didn’t it! That’s something that I’m working on, acceptance. Accepting the choices that others make and being ok with that. On the one hand there’s what I want on the other hand there’s what you do, I need to accept it. Not just say that it’s ok but wish it were different. Accept it, respect it and move forward. Thanks for commenting Rosie! 🙂


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