Kindness Challenge Details

In May I’m hosting my first challenge ever! The goal is to shift your focus towards kindness. Don’t let the negativity out there get you down, whether on the news, in the lives of your family, friends, coworkers or even your own life. This challenge is to encourage you to make a conscious effort to focus on kindness in all forms they may present themselves.


Details are as follows-

  1. Mark your calendar for the May 9th start date.
  2. In the comments section of the details & sign up page, leave a few words to confirm you sign up for the challenge and affirm your intention to focus on kindness! Maybe say why you are signing up or just that you’re going to participate 🙂
  3. Save the badge at the end of this post to display on your blog, wall, or posts to show you are participating!
  4. Spread the word! Reblog and or share on social media. Let’s start a revolution of kindness! The more people that focus on kindness the better for all of us!
  5. Check back here on May 9th to see the post for week 1 and start the challenge!

Sneak peek into the prompts-

Kindness Challenge:

Focus on kindness for 7 weeks following the guide below. At the end of each week, incorporate a post on your blog with your thoughts on the week’s kindness focus. Use photos, a poem, a journal entry, a video, a write a song, whatever you feel comfortable using to express your reflection of the week. Not a blogger? No worries! Use your social media accounts to spread the kindness!

Each week I’ll provide the prompts below to help you remember what to focus on for the week and post about at the end. Ping back to the prompt post of the week so that others can find your reflections of each week. We’ll use the tag “RevofKindness” or #RevofKindness to get more exposure and integrate this kindness revolution outside of the blogosphere.  Feel free to save the badge at the end of this post to display on your page or use for each post.

Week 1: Start your day with kindness- Think about something you are grateful for, tell yourself something that you love about yourself (have to be kind to yourself to be kind to others!), read an inspirational quote first thing in the morning, wake up and list 10 beautiful things in your life. At the end of the week,write about it! How did you chose to start your day? Was it hard at first? Did you do the same thing every day? Did you do more than one thing? Did you notice it change how you felt about the day?

Week 2: Observe kindness around you– At work, the store, the gym. Notice how people interact and focus on finding kindness. No act of kindness is too small. Post about at least one kind thing you saw this week. Take notes and go back and look at them, you’d be surprised how many kind things you witness a day when you’re looking for them. Share about what you observed.

Week 3: Focus your energy on being kind to others- Notice when you start to flare up, get upset, and nip it in the bud. Instead of lashing out, and react with kindness. The best place to stat is at home. Be kind to those that live with you and watch how they begin to react softer. Be kind to the store clerk even though they were rude, and your boss even though they were short and impatient. Let someone pull ahead of you in traffic when they’re stuck waiting to be let in. Post about your experience of reacting with kindness.

Week 4: Focus on doing something kind for someone- A random act of kindness- help someone, smile at someone, pay for someone’s meal, leave an anonymous inspirational quote for a coworker. Look for ways to display kindness and jump at the chance. Post about something kind that you did for someone else. How did it make you feel? Was it hard at first? Did it get easier as the week went on?

Week 5: End your day thinking about kindness- Think about something or someone you are grateful for. Think about all of the good things that happened today. Think about all of the things that you have that money can’t buy (health, family, peace). You know what to do, post about it! Did you think of something different everyday? Did you say a prayer of thanks? How did you go to bed thinking of kindness?

Week 6: Think about someone that inspires you to be better, kinder, gentler- It can be someone you know personally or someone you don’t know personally but inspires you. Post about why you chose them. Did you choose more than one person? What qualities do they have that you want to emulate? 

Week 7: Do something kind for someone and keep it to yourself- Don’t even blog about what you did. This week reflect on the challenge. How do you feel after focusing your thoughts on finding kindness? Do you feel different? Did you see things that you might have otherwise missed? Did you enjoy it? Will you continue to do it? Has it become a habit? Have people noticed a change in you? Will you participate again next year?

Save this badge to display as confirmation of participation and or with your weekly challenge posts!