Mindful Monday- 33 Day Reflection

This weekend marked 33 days of gratitude that I was encouraged to do after attending the meditation retreat I wrote about. We were taught different pressure points on our hands to use to work on different things for example letting go of ego, releasing emotions that aren’t yours, igniting child-like innocence among others. Most of us were new to meditating and the thought of meditating daily was daunting. After an entire weekend spent meditating, it became much easier!

At first I thought that it was going to be hard to do once I got home. Sure in the confines of that rustic house that was full of adults silently practicing mindfulness was easy. What would it be like at home? When I had to get up 45 minutes early just to have quiet in the house? Would I be able to wake up and pull myself out of the warm bed early? Would the baby stir because she subconsciously knew someone was up? Would I be able to stick to it? Would I be able to ground and center myself? I had so many questions running through my head.

None of those questions mattered once I lit my candles, put some soft meditative inducing music on YouTube and sat in my designated spot. My mind immediately went to that quiet place. A place very new and unfamiliar to me. A place full of peace, happiness, a state of perfection within my mind. A place that made my insides feel warm like there was a small fire burning within. A place that must be full of light because I felt like the sun itself was shining on my face and felt a warmth over me like I was sun bathing on a warm spring day.

It’s such a strange feeling because on the one hand I can’t believe that it’s already been over a month since I went to the retreat, it seems like just last weekend I was there. On the other hand I can’t believe it’s been only over a month! So much has happened since that weekend! I’ve discovered a lot about myself, who I am, what I want. I have also changed. I’ve become more patient, tolerant, understanding, accepting both of myself and others. I’m so surprised to see results so quickly. I went from not being able to meditate for 5 minutes with a guided meditation to being able toΒ quiet my mind and enjoy the moment for over an hour.

The benefits of meditation are amazing. One of the things I love the most is that anyone and everyone can incorporate this into their life. It’s not a religious thing, it won’t contradict or interfere with your beliefs. It’s a way of finding peace, clarity and slowing down your life enough to hear things you would otherwise miss.

I encourage you to give meditation a try. If you have and think it’s not for you, I know how you feel. Guided meditation might work for you. You close your eyes and listen to the words letting your mind follow the prompt eventually you stop listening and your mind slowly wonders off. Let it go to where it may, you’ll be surprised by where it ends up. If the thought of hearing someone coax your thoughts to streams and pastures isn’t for you, you can try sounds of nature, or soft meditation music, try some deep breathing exercises, or even light a candle and just gaze at it. Be creative, think of things that give you peace and try and incorporate that into a way to enjoy the moment. At first it can be difficult to slow down your mind when you aren’t used to doing it, but with practice it becomes easier. Try smaller sessions a few times a day until you can build up the time you dedicate to practicing at length in one session.Most importantly don’t be too hard on yourself.

Do you meditate? How long have you been doing it? Do you remember what it was like when you started? What tips do you have for newbies? How often do you meditate? What do you like most about it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

35 Replies to “Mindful Monday- 33 Day Reflection”

  1. I have tried, possibly too hard, but I sort of did when I took a yoga class. Looking back I was at my most relaxed laid back and open . Maybe it was the exercise maybe the contemplatative cool down… you reminded me I need to go and take another set of classes; four years was a lifetime away. Thank you for an interesting post.

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    1. I found that was my problem when I started. I almost forced myself to try to relax…oximoron at its best! Personally I needed the retreat in more ways than one. A class would be an excellent way to get back in the practice. It will take time, how much depends on many things but I’m sure you will find what it is that makes your mind slow down. Let me know how your classes go once you sin up! πŸ™‚

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      1. Personally, not for me. I have found ideas, inspiration and clarity. I haven’t had writer’s block once in the 33 days. I have so many ideas I have to pick one each day and don’t know if I’ll get to the others because I come up with so many I have to set some aside. I’m curious to see what it does to your writing but I’ve never felt more inspired!

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    1. You’d love it! It’s such a great way to start off the day. Even if you can only manage 5 to 10 minutes. I started meditating in the shower because I convinced myself I just didn’t have the time so I multi-tasked… these days I can’t imagine a day without at least 5 minutes, but it’s usually over 45. Let me know if you give it a try πŸ™‚ Nice to hear from you πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes it does! I can’t remember if I mentioned it in my post or not but I did miss about 3 days all together in the 33 days of gratefulness. Funny enough weekends are the hardest. I thought they would be easier because of all of the time I have but somehow or another there were a few days spread across the 33 days that I wasn’t able to on Saturdays.

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  2. I used to meditate before the little one arrived, but now we say our prayers/fiats/affirmations and hail mary out loud together and do some child friendly yoga to calm down. Madam used to say “dad is irratating” (meditating) hehe. πŸ™‚

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      1. I’m not a morning person at all, but we say our prayers at around 10. I’ve noticed that if I have a cup of coffee and a chance to start the day then everything goes smoother. Easier said than done for me though.

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  3. You have inspired an idea… I have loosely, and I mean loosely, attempted mediation myself but have been wanting to get serious about it. Just wasn’t sure how. Well I had just decided a day or two ago to revamp our never-used front porch into a sort of zen spot where I can do yoga and look out over our far from above, and make it cozy and such, etc. what a PERFECT spot I’m making to try-make a real effort-to practice mediation! Thank you for the inspiration! Also-where would one find a meditation retreat?

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      1. Funny, I did take ‘before’ pictures yesterday. It’s such a great and unused, neglected porch, I can’t wait to transform it using only what I have and a can of concrete paint and several cans of spray paint. Lol. I live in Canton, Ga. I was googling last night a little too, and will keep looking. But if you find something let me know for sure. That sounds amazing to do-and so glad it helped you!

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      2. I’m so excited for you! If you’re on Pinterest, I have a board called “Meditation Space” check it out. It has several pins of just pieces that you can add to a space, lots of inspiration. You know how it is, one pin leads to another which leads to not getting anything else done… πŸ˜‰

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      3. Ok as far as the retreat, try a Google search for “mindfulness retreat Georgia” or “meditation retreat Georgia”. I found a couple but the classes were full for one and seemed far for the other but then again I’m not sure how far you’re willing to travel… I hope you find one. In the meantime, yoga might be a good choice or check out meetup.com to see if there are any groups in your area that focus on that. πŸ™‚

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      4. Thanks, sweet lady! I have been doing yoga, but definitely want to check out something specific to mediation. Thanks for the pin-board. Already got some Amazon orders on the way for my ‘space’ lol

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      5. Meet Up is actually a great option because if there are any groups in your area they probably have free or nearly free meetups with like minded people. My mom has found a few really great ones in her area. Good luck! Now that you’ve voiced your intention, I’m sure something will come your way when you least expect it (let me know if it does!) πŸ™‚

        Awesome!! I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to see how it comes together!

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