REBLOG! Nominee Acceptance Post- Liebster Award

I love Maryana’s honesty and detail in her answers! This is a fun way to get to know fellow bloggers. Take a moment to check out her acceptance post, read her answers, check out her nominees and read the great questions that she came up with! Make sure to show your love on her blog! Thanks again for participating Maryana!

Salutaris Vita

Liebster Award

Thank you Niki for nominating me. I am honored. Turns out, blogging world is a bit like Hollywood, with nominees and awards 🙂

Hmm, back to reality…Here are my answers to 10 questions:

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10 Replies to “REBLOG! Nominee Acceptance Post- Liebster Award”

      1. I love how a smell can take you back to a particular moment or memory. Sometimes even things that you’ve forgotten about come rushing back after smelling it.

        Aw, thank you. You can’t always tell the tone by reading so I didn’t want to come off wrong 🙂

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