Stream of Consciousness

food-lunch-kitchen-eat-largeEvery weekend I wake up with the best of intentions. Thoughts of a big homemade breakfast on my mind. I toss the ideas around- pancakes, bacon, eggs, biscuits, fruit, crepes, toast. I hop on Pinterest trying to narrow it down to something tasty and delicious.

I browse through hundreds of recipes full of beautiful elaborate plates topped with creams, powdered sugars, sliced fruit, and syrup. The more I scroll the more hungry I get. My stomach starts to growl, my mouth begins to salivate. I scroll more quickly hoping that my hunger will drive me to just pick something to make. I’ve spent so much time looking that both of the girls are awake and hungry. Their patience can’t overcome their hunger.

After looking at so many pictures of muffins that somehow lead to casseroles, I can no longer settle for anything less. I start digging through the pantry to see if I have the ingredients on hand to make recipes that I think I can put together in a pinch. Of course as it turns out, I never have what I need. A handful of ingredients to make one recipe but missing the key items. I don’t dare make a trip to the store because I’ve already told the girls to give me a few minutes and that was half an hour ago…

At this point I’d better come up with something good because now I’m craving foods I’ve never tasted but they look so good in the picture I can only imagine what they must be like! My kitchen is a mess with ingredients sprawled here and there but no smells or makings of food to show for it. The girls start to complain in earnest now because in fairness they’re ready to eat and while I had the best of intentions of making this beautifully cooked, scrumptious, picturesque meal to start off their weekend, I’ve wasted so much time and energy trying to figure out what to make that at this point, we’ll just eat cereal. The girls eat theirs with no milk because I forgot to buy their rice milk last night…

I hope you enjoyed this work of realistic fiction. This is inspired by the the Stream of Consciousness prompt by Linda that can be found here. This week’s prompt was real to be used as is or as a prefix or suffix which lead to cereal.

I’m always interested in your thoughts and feedback. Let me know what you think of the post, if you can relate, if it made you laugh, whatever it is I’d love to hear about it! Your reactions and interaction are what keep these fingers typing! 

13 Replies to “Stream of Consciousness”

  1. I think everyone can relate to that one! 😂 For me it happens around dinner time. Leafing throufh recipe books to find something new and amazing to make my partner before she gets home, realising we don’t have the ingredients and settling for tomato pasta…

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    1. hahaha I would say I’m glad you can relate, but it’s such a bummer! Not that there’s anything wrong with pasta, it’s a great choice but when you have to settle after being so inspired… haha thanks for sharing AJ! How’s it coming for the A-Z Challenge? 🙂

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      1. It really is! No problem ☺
        It’s coming together slowly. I’ve had some great prompts so far so I’ve got words from A-J and then X, Y &Z. Just need to fill in the blanks!

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      2. Wow!! Good for you! I’ve got my first 5 days of posts scheduled, now I just need F and G so I can have the first week scheduled out and can keep up with writing my regularly scheduled content plus the following week’s worth of challenge posts… 😮

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  2. haha That is why I either pick something during the week, or just do our regular blueberry, or strawberry, pancakes and eggs with sausage every Sunday. 😉 It is the only day I make pancakes so everyone looks forward to it. But I’m a planner. My sticky notes have sticky notes lol Love your visual writing though. 🙂

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      1. I do omelets, breakfast burritos, and egg (mc)muffins during the week for the hubs. I eat oats or barley all week. But if you have a few minutes free (yeah right lol) during the week make a batch of something and freeze it for the weekend. Now my kids are on French toast kick and it freezes well. They won’t eat eggs, so that is a good way to get their protein. 😉 Waffles, crepes, and pancakes all freeze great, and thaw easily as well. Toss a dutch baby in the oven some Sunday. They are pretty hands off. I use to eat the big ones growing up, but I have a recipe for the minis that your kids would probably love 😉

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