Fit Friday- REBLOG! B12: What Is It & Do We Need to Supplement?

Spreading the blog love on this beautiful Good Friday. A great post explaining what vitamin B12 is and why we need it. This blogger participated in my original meet and greet and I’m glad because

I was able to find this blog I love all of the information available. Check out the original post and be sure to share your love over there! Happy Friday! I’m off for a family adventure so I’ll see you Saturday!


After ‘Where do you get your protein/calcium/iron from?’ most vegans will sooner or later have to face the B12 question.

It is an important topic, but not just for vegans: B12 deficiency can occur in meat-eaters (farm animals are often deficient and require supplementation),  as well as pregnant women and breast-fed infants whose mothers are vegan, whilst the over-50’s can be deficient due to poorer absorption.

So what is B12, why do we need it, where do we find it, how much do we need and in what form?

B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that is one of the compounds required by the body to convert food into energy. It is required for a healthy nervous system, good bone health and in the development and protection of nerve cells and red blood cells.

B12 deficiency can have severe effects on adults, babies and children, long-term vegans, raw food and macrobiotic…

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