More Ways to Connect & An Update

I finally decided to link my Pinterest profile to my blog. I was hesitant because it’s my little cave that I gather things that I come across to either save for later or completely forget about. Danny has talked about the importance of building your online presence before which encouraged me to finally get on Twitter (not that I really get that- do people actually read tweets? There’s so much going on over there!).

I decided to add another social link after Lindsay asked me for my Pinterest info. I felt like I was giving away a secret since I never thought about linking it to my blog, it’s purely my personal account but what the heck! I don’t have anything to hide (embarrassed about, possibly… do I have to have an info-graphic on how to clean my house, probably not but you can see there’s a serious lack of motivation to clean over blog). If you want to see all of my project wish lists, home renovation inspiration, pictures of fitness that I’m hoping will get me to workout more and motivational quotes, then by all means check it out! It’s not that interesting as I’m quite a nerd but there are over 10k pins I’ve saved over the years so I’m sure you’ll find something of interest!

I forgot that I had a Flickr account. Something I remembered when looking for photos for my travel post today. I created it as a family photo blogging adventure. We have an old smart phone that we gave to my daughter to use as a camera.

The idea was to let her take pictures from her point of view when we went for little adventures for her to be able to look back and cherish that day from her point of view.

We were supposed to do that and update them to Flickr. We haven’t done that but there’s no time like the present, so once I get that together I’ll link that to my blog as a behind the scenes type bonus.

In light of my recent rant on blog etiquette (a post I didn’t expect to get as many views as it did! Quickly becoming one of my most read posts…disappointing and flattering at the same time) I created a little copyright type image. Not sure that it will do much, kind of like building a wall around your house and leaving the gate open, but I like the picture and I hope that it will at least make someone think twice about using someone else’s work. Not just mine but artists, creators and people in general, just because it’s online doesn’t mean it’s a free for all!

Here’s a glimpse at the “Creative Proprietor Rights” as I called it-


My Pinterest link is at the top of the sidebar next to my Facebook and Twitter links should you want to follow me on any of those platforms. If not I get it, this is more than enough right? Ok I think this is my last post for the day. I started blogging at 5:45 this morning and its 12:30 in the afternoon. Why does the day go by so fast when I’m so focused on what I’m doing! Time to get back to my mom life…Thanks for reading! As always, your feedback and thoughts are always welcome. 🙂

7 Replies to “More Ways to Connect & An Update”

  1. I could so relate to this post. My angst over Twitter has abated somewhat as I found a way to use it by taking advantage of lists to break through all the “noise.” One of my biggest pet peeves with Twitter was getting followers and when I would follow back they would thank me for following but I didn’t initiate the follow. I know it sounds petty but with so much automation these days it’s nice to come upon a real person. I like your copyright image and verbiage – very nice. Have a good one!

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    1. Hi Stephanae, I have been on social media for a while but I don’t find it very…social. Twitter is just too much for me. I don’t understand it. I feel like all this stuff is being said but nothing is being read or heard. I don’t know, maybe I need to watch a tutorial on it or something. I always feel like that’s my 20 year old niece and nephew’s generation… can you believe I’m only 30 with the way I’m talking?! I never know if I’m supposed to thank someone for following, just follow them back… honestly I don’t get the appeal but I do it because it gets my blog out there… I’m much more happy over here on WordPress or as much as it pains me to say Facebook… I’m glad I’m not the only one Stephanie! Thanks for the tip on the list, I’ll have to look into that 😉

      Thank you, I didn’t want my verbiage to come across wrong, nor be generic but I wanted to get the point across at the same time…

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      1. I had to laugh when you said you were only 30 (I’m 55) but you made me feel so much better 😀 Yeah Twitter to me most days seems like everyone is talking and no one is listening and then the people who want you to click links in direct messages is annoying and I immediately block them. If I don’t know you why would I click your link in a DM? It makes no sense. And then there are people who tweet links to articles and you know they haven’t read them or maybe they just don’t care what they’re sharing but I read them or I don’t share them. It’s all so aggravating and don’t even get me started the people who just are just sales people – UGH. You are not alone.

        I really liked your wording on the copyright because you kept it simple and real.

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      2. Haha as I was writing I was thinking, she probably thinks I’m an 80 year old that doesn’t want to get with the times…

        Oh thank goodness! Yes, yes and yes! I can agree to all of those points!

        Thank you, you basically summed up my goal for my blog in 2 words so I’m glad that translated onto that little image text 😉

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  2. It’s difficult figuring out how much you should share. I definitely understand Pinterest feeling as if you are sharing something a bit personal. I’ve actually never thought about linking my Pinterest, but after this blog piece I’m considering it. Thanks for sharing!

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