I’m not one to post on politics. I am not as informed as I should be for reasons I’ll keep to myself. I do agree with Linda, that people need to speak up. I just had a conversation with a childhood friend yesterday about this topic. We weren’t sure what the answer was- to say nothing and hope that by ignoring him we wouldn’t give his word any merit, or bombard our inner circles with his blatant hatred, ignorance, and intolerance in hopes that people would see him for what he is. I get the appeal to a certain point, a man that says what he thinks how he thinks it. That’s the extent of my understanding of those that support him. What differentiates him from those before him who have oppressed, segregated and targeted groups of people? His words and actions are despicable, and he is a sorry excuse for a candidate. I’m sure you know exactly who I’m talking about and I will not give him the satisfaction of typing his name. If I had a hand in making a post go viral, this would be the one I’d pick, especially if it resulted in his name never being uttered again…

I feel nauseous just typing the name. But I’ve stayed quiet long enough. I find I have no choice but to speak out. Why, you ask? I realize the chances of changing the mind of anyone who is determined to put him in office is slim to none. But there are people out there whose voices might be heard. My ultimate plea is to those who can make a difference. Also, I feel by not saying anything, my silence in a way condones the possibility that my children and grandchildren will live in a far less free world than I have enjoyed.

I am Canadian. Let’s get that out of the way right now. I have no say in who becomes President of the United States. That is up to the conscience of the society south of my home’s border. But the fact is, the fateful decision to elect this…

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    1. Every interaction I’ve seen he’s been belligerent, disrespectful, intolerant and down right nasty to people. I don’t know his story but I can only imagine he was born into money because he is the farthest thing from success I can fathom. I’ll have to check that post out.


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