Support Jason

If you’ve ever been to Jason’s blog you’ll notice two things-

1. He’s funny, like laugh so hard strangers think you’re crazy funny.

2.  He’s put a lot of hard work into building his blog community.


This one is a bonus because I know I said two things, he likes to make lists. 😉

Jason interacts with his readers, gives helpful advice, opens his blog as a platform to connect with other bloggers, and promotes other bloggers, authors, and artists. As a blogger who has taken him up on his kindness, it’s only right that I repay it in the small way that he requests (I’ll be adding his badge to my blog from my computer tomorrow, in the meantime I’ll share this). Check out his blog if you haven’t been there, if you have and live it as much as me, support him by spreading the word that he is promoting over on his blog. You can find details here.

Thank you Jason for all that you do to build and maintain the blogging community. Wishing you the best with your new platform and promotion endeavors!


12 Replies to “Support Jason”

      1. What you do is awesome and very much appreciated. I started following you three years ago when your site was all black with white words, a few hundred followers and it’s amazing to see where you are today and still take the time to reply to comments like this.


      2. It’s funny because I’m very visual and have a good memory but your blog is the only one that stands out from when I first started. I don’t know his I found you but I’m glad I did!


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