Mindful Monday- Beach Meditation

I got in touch with a friend this week to see if she wanted to join me to meditate outside and off we went to a quiet secluded beach. We found a nice spot and caught the last few moments of the sunset. This was one of the most amazing meditation sessions I’ve ever had.

Moments before the sun dipped below the horizon leaving us with the light of the moon.

I usually wake up early in the morning and start my day off with a 30 to 45 minute meditation session to get me in a good frame of mind for the day. There’s something relaxing and invigorating about being the first person up and being alone with my thoughts. I usually light a candle (thanks Bee for the suggestion!) and put some relaxing background noise on YouTube. Sometimes it’s spa music, others it’s Tibetan bowls, others it’s the sounds of nature and hearing waves splash. As relaxing as all of them are, none of them can compare to meditating outside.

I’ve always felt very connected with nature. Very at peace and at ease. I’m not a rough it in the wild type of person, but there is something very calming about sitting in the grass and feeling the sun’s rays warm my skin. I love to sit under a tree and feel the breeze in my hair, or hike a trail and enjoy the view and crisp air. The same is true for meditation, there’s something about doing it outside that was very powerful for me.

I sat there with the ocean in front of me and closed my eyes. I let the sounds of the waves take over my thoughts. It wasn’t long before I stopped thinking about anything other than focusing on the sounds of the waves. I heard everything so much clearer without the clutter in my mind to mute the sounds around me. I heard various waves coming and going, noting that each sounded different. I heard the birds above calling to each other as they were hunting their dinner. I faintly heard people in the distance behind me talking as they passed. I felt the cool air coming off of the water as it enveloped me in it’s chilly touch and I inhaled the slightly salty air. I couldn’t resist the urge to open my eyes and see the beauty that was before my eyes and every time I did tears would stream down my face.

Soon the sky turned from hues of orange to complete darkness. I sat there under the moonlight and it was magical. Soon the figures the stars made were visible and I was silently naming the constellations that I knew. I sat in silence and just absorbed the feeling of peace that radiated from my surroundings. In that moment everything was perfect. I didn’t have a care or worry in the world. Everything was right. I felt recharged and completely at peace. I felt a calm and happiness wash over me from the inside out. Everyday I look forward to my daily meditation but I need to incorporate a session outside at least once a week because I have never felt more grounded than I did during my Friday night beach meditation.

Have you ever meditated outside? Where at- mountains, grass, beach? Did you enjoy it? Do you feel different when you are surrounded by nature? How so?

11 Replies to “Mindful Monday- Beach Meditation”

  1. Meditating at the beach is unlike anything or anywhere else. The lapping waves and the sea breeze are my favorite. I just wish I lived near one instead of in the midwest. One day I will, but for now, I’m a midwest girl. Thanks for sharing this amazing experience.

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      1. I did another post on meditation spaces. I want to get one together soon. Actually my husband is going to surprise me with one, so I can’t wait to see what he does 🙂

        What’s your meditation space like? Do you have candles, something relaxing or anything special?

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