Grateful Sunday- Dedicated Dad


This week’s Grateful Sunday post is dedicated to my husband in light of yesterday being Father’s Day here in Spain. My girls are lucky to have such a great man in their life.

He’s dedicated, helpful, funny, kind, and a kid at heart. He’s strong and a wide linebacker guy with a heart of gold and a big ol’ teddy bear! He doesn’t shy away from doing whatever needs to be done, from leaking diapers to brushing tangled curly hair and everything in between he gets it done. He gets the girls ready in the morning and takes pictures to send to my mom everyday so she doesn’t miss out on a day. He helps with homework and asks about their day. Gives advice and makes them laugh. They make him want to be better and do better. Happy Father’s Day babe!


14 Replies to “Grateful Sunday- Dedicated Dad”

      1. Todavia no he estado por ahi. Lo más cerca que he estado es Barcelona. Ay Mallorca me encantó! Fui con mi madre hace unos años que ella y yo nos fuimos de vacaciones solas por primera vez. Que recuerdos más bonitos! Mi marido y yo queremos aprovechar ya que estamos en Canarias para ver todo lo que podemos de la peninsula. Con coger el tren en Madrid llegas a todas partes. Soy madrileña pero llevo mucho tiempo fuera.


  1. Niki, what a great tribute. Happy Father’s Day to your husband. I thought it was especially sweet that he takes photos every day for your mother to see. Loved that. I also loved that the girls “make him want to do better and be better.” A winning recipe for a great relationship!

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    1. Thank you Linda 🙂 Yeah my mom really appreciates the pictures. It’s funny how kids change you, it’s happened slowly over time but it’s true they’ve made us better people. Thanks for reading and leaving your kind words.


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