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Comments are disabled as the event has ended. Thank you to everyone that participated. I go through and look at each and every blog, and the clicks show that other bloggers are visiting too! Hope to see you at the next one! If you missed it, check out the excellent selection of blogs in the comments section and mark your calendar for the next meet and greet the first weekend of April.


Welcome to the fourth edition of my twice monthly meet and greet! I try to come up with a different theme every time and this week’s theme is

a country. Not just any country, take a look at your stats and leave the name of a country in the comments section. It can be the most exotic country you have a reader from, a country you’ve never been and want to visit, the country that you have the most readers from, the choice is up to you. The only thing I ask, is that it be a country listed on your stats page.

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Here are the rules of engagement-

  1. Leave the name of a country listed on your stats page (most exotic, most readers, farthest away from where you live, whatever you want)

  2. Leave a link for a post from a blog other than your own

  3. Leave a link for a post to your blog

  4. SHARE this post (social media or reblog)

  5. Engage with other bloggers! Been to a country they mentioned? Tell them! Want to go to a country they listed? Let them know! Get a conversation going, you never know what connection can be made!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope that you enjoy this weekend’s theme. It’s Father’s Day weekend here so I won’t be as active on Saturday but I’ll be stopping by to take a peek whenever I can sneak away.

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Happy blog hunting!


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  1. Thank you so much for stopping by! Make sure to check out past meet and greets while you wait for the comments section to fill up.

    The country I’m picking from my stats is Kazakhstan. At the risk of sounding ignorant, it caught my attention because I don’t remember ever having heard of this country before. It lead me to an interesting history and geography lesson. So thank you to the reader that stopped by once to put this country on my radar!

    My suggested post for this meet and greet is from my first ever guest writer. She has a beautiful blog and I’m in love with the quote on her about page.

    You are already at my blog so no need for me to link, and I’ve shared on all of my social media, so now it’s your turn! Thanks again for stopping by, I look forward to interacting and seeing what countries come up over the weekend.

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    1. Kazakhstan brings me association of longevity. People are healthy and live long partly because of their diet that is rich in probiotic food, kefir, yogurts and etc.not because of pills. Natural way. P.S. I am going to post in comments below. Just have to check my blog’s stats, first 🙂 Thank you for another chance to meet new great bloggers.

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      1. I was excited to learn so much about this country once I started digging into it for this post. I love that! I haven´t taken medicine in years, very much about learning to live off of what nature provides. That´s very interesting.

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    2. Hi Niki! I just visited Pleats and Keats. I followed her. Her story is so engaging. I felt like I was enjoying a book I purchased on my Kindle. Does that make sense? Thanks for the recommendation. I will be back later. I need more coffee. Travel? That’s a touchy one for me. I’ll explain later.

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  2. Russia. I’d love to visit Russia one day, as there is so much history to absorb and be fascinated by. Although I would have to get over my dislike for vodka pretty quickly, I imagine! 😂
    The blog I’m going to feature is Esther Newton’s. She has a fantastic blog where she encourages writers of all disciplines to hon rtheir craft. She features weekly writing challenges and guest posts, ad well as sharing amusing typos and misspelled adverts from around fhe world! Well worth a look if you have the time ☺
    My own blog can be found here I write and post my original short stories. I’d be thrilled if anyone could find the time to browse through them.
    Thanks for hosting, Niki! I’ll share this on Twitter ☺

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    1. I´m so glad to see you here AJ! I´d love to visit Russia! I´m with you on the vodka! Thanks for the links, I´ll be sure to check them out as soon as I can. I do eventually get to peek at every link provided at my meet and greets, just takes me the whole 2 weeks between one and the other to get to them! Thank you so much for sharing AJ!

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      1. You’re very welcome, thanks for setting this up ☺ Haha yeah, I’ve got some bad memories involvong vodka, so it’d take some doing to drink the kind of stuff they have in Russia! 😂

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  3. Jamaica! Somewhere I haven’t yet been but it’s on the rather long list 🙂

    The blog I’m recommending this Meet & Greet is Cookie’s “I have an opinion I’d like to share” … one of the funniest, most entertaining blogs I’m following. Here’s a link to a recent post:

    My own blog is:

    Thanks again for hosting another groovy themed Meet & Greet, Niki! Can’t wait to check out the suggestions!

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  4. OK, so someone mentioned Russia…I would love to go there, that is where my Dad’s family is from and it would be nice to go there and meet other Visotsky’s. The most recent new country on my blog Stats is Sri Lanka, which seems like it would be a beautiful place to go visit and has a pretty cool flag.
    The blog that I am attaching a link to is Just an absolutely perfectly written reflection on the online dating market. As someone who met their husband online, but also had a lot of frogs before him, I find myself particularly interested in reading online dating stories. Not to mention that Survived Narc has a wonderful blog all around 🙂
    My own blog is I write about whatever is on my mind, but a lot of it stems from dealing with infidelity/divorce and my now blended family. Making time for me amongst a chaotic and full family of 8.

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  5. Yellow, everyone! I decided to pop in again to see who else is new!
    This is me: &
    this is Rolain: – check him out, he’s got a lot to share with us.

    The country I am choosing from my stats, is, well…one I didn’t even know it existed…I had to look it up on google maps…Shamefully, I’m not even sure if “country” is the name for it 🙂 : Marshall Islands. This is what Google says: “The Marshall Islands are a sprawling chain of volcanic islands and coral atolls in the central Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and the Philippines.” There you go…something new! 😀 So this means I got readers pretty much everywhere :))). Thank you, guys! I am honoured ❤

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  6. I have just started so I don’t have any followers from exotic places…but the country that I always want to head back to is France. I have been to various cities and smaller towns on two different trips, but each time it leaves me always wanting more. I always find myself picking up books related to France–historical fiction, travel books, even the autobiography of Julia Child. I cannot seem to shake the fact that someday we will figure out a way to spend more time there.

    A blog I have just discovered that I just discovered the other day is
    Thanks for sharing Homeless in Paris, I have already added it to my Follow list! 🙂

    Here is a link to my blog and latest post about the importance of educating yourself (whether as a mother, father, family member, doctor) about postpartum depression:

    Thanks for hosting Niki and I look forward to meeting other bloggers!

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    1. I just left you a message on Twitter. I talk to you so much I thought I was following your blog, turns out I wasn’t. I tried to follow but I couldn’t find the follow button. I see you have the email subscription but I think you should add the widget to your sidebar that allows people to follow without email. That way I can get all of your posts sent straight to my reader. If you need help, let me know. It’s in the admin settings in sidebar widgets.

      Thanks for participating. Sounds like the perfect blog recommendation for you! I’m glad you liked it 🙂 It’s my pleasure Nerissa!

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      1. I have jet pack and trying to find out why it is not displaying. I started the blog on but changed hosts and in doing so things got more complicated. Waiting to hear from tech support. Thx for looking out for me!

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  7. I would like to visit Liechenstein as it looks like a beautiful place and my friend Erika lives there.
    Theblog post I’m putting up is from Sacha Black:
    My blog post is how corporate greed has runined Cadbuy’s chocolate:
    Thanks for ruinning this – it’s a great idea!

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    1. Simon!!! Glad to see you! I’m embarassed to admit I’ve never heard of Liechenstein. I’m assumming its somewhere near Denmark or Germany. I clearly have to do some more research! Thanks for the links, I’ll be sure to check them out soon! Ummmm chocolate… 😉

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