Meet & Greet!

It’s that time again! This drives me crazy, I want to be consistent with my verbiage and the bi-weekly vs bi-monthly thing is annoying. So to be clear, in February I started hosting meet and greets every other weekend.

If you’ve attended one of my previous meet and greets you know that I’m all about the interaction. I want to get to know you, check out the blog you recommend along with your own blog, and most of all I want you as a blogger to make connections! Check out the comment section, respond to another blogger’s comment, check out their blog, read their suggested post. The success of these really does depend on you. If you drop a link and run, guess what? Odds are the next blogger will too! If you click on someone’s blog, comment on something that inspired or intrigued you, they’ll take notice of the new reader and will probably visit your blog!

On my end I can see the success of the meet and greets because those are the posts with the most clicks. That means bloggers are being exposed to and actually checking out your blog! Can I share a secret? The bloggers that are most active are generally the ones that get the most clicks. That’s not an in depth study or analysis but I do see the correlation between the bloggers that converse with other bloggers throughout the weekend getting more clicks.

pexels-photo-large (17)

This week I’ll be trying out a new theme, so have a link ready to share from a blog other than your own as well as the link to your own blog when you join the conversation.

Can’t wait to see you Friday! Share this to spread the word!


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