This week in posts

I know the week is busy, and with everything that comes up on your reader, things get missed. So here is an overview of this week’s posts in case you missed something you’d like to check out.

Technically this was posted last week, but it has been one of my most viewed posts this week. Check out my challenge post.

A parenting post reflecting on how we did on step 2 of a 12 step approach to being more gentle parents.

A wordless post capturing my favorite moments of the week in pictures.

One of my personal favorite posts of the week. I take you through the reasons that this colorful country full of rich culture is one of the top spots on my destination bucket list.

A short fitness post that I discovered lost some of the context as the pictures didn’t save, don’t know how or when that happened…

This is a post taking you back to a time before Google.

Last up for this summary post, a thank you to everyone that makes the meet and greets so successful and to you for reading.

Hope you enjoy!

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