Fit Friday

Not going to bore you this week with a blow by blow update on my progress. I’ll give you the rundown and just say I’ve been doing well, two people told me they’ve noticed I’ve lost weight (hooray for that!) and I’ve kept up with my good choices.

So, on to the fun stuff! I came across this post this week that is short, funny and if you have ever struggled to watch your weight, you’ll be able to get a laugh and relate.

I have been waiting for the day to confirm whether or not this was a myth or had any truth to it. My experiment hasn’t been scientific, but did I tell you I had two people mention that I’ve lost weight in the past week?!


While I’m excited to see results, I’m not there yet. I’m contemplating submitting before/after photos to a magazine to shout it from the roof tops once I make it to my goal weight. Realistically I know I won’t do that so I’ll settle for pictures that I’m actually in and excited to put more than my face at an awkward angle with less than stellar lighting in a frame in my house.

pexels-photo-large (15)

12 Replies to “Fit Friday”

  1. Congrats on your progress! It is always nice to know other people are seeing your changes too. Just think of how amazing you will feel once you reach your goals. I like to set little goals on the way to bigger ones to keep myself motivated. Another huge one for me is eating real food! That is my main key to success. Let your soul shine today!

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    1. Thank you! Yes it’s very rewarding 🙂 I’m surprised how little I miss eating meat. I thought I’d be craving it like crazy but I think this time I was ready and I haven’t completely eliminated it I’m just eating it one it twice a week. I think since I know I’m not taking it away I’m ok with reducing my consumption. I have noticed some really great things since I’ve Bern eating better.

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  2. Way to go, I’m on a similar journey. I’m on the last two days of an eight-day detox and then onto a regular weightloss program with awesome supplements that help and make me feel more energy. Best of luck as you continue to make progress!

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