Tuesday Tao- Essential Wonder

Chapter 27

pexels-photo-large (13)Good traveling does not leave tracks
Good speech does not seek faults
Good reckoning does not use counters
Good closure needs no bar and yet cannot be opened
Good knot needs no rope and yet cannot be untied

Therefore sages often save others
And so do not abandon anyone
They often save things
And so do not abandon anything
This is called following enlightenment

Therefore the good person is the teacher of the bad person
The bad person is the resource of the good person
Those who do not value their teachers
And do not love their resources
Although intelligent, they are greatly confused
This is called the essential wonder

I can relate to so much of what is said in this and it means different things to me depending on which situation I apply it to. The last section is definitely something that I needed to hear because of a recent situation that arose that I won’t give any merit to but I just wanted to note that it resonated with me on a very deep level. Does this provide you with enlightenment or a perspective that you needed? Is this something that you find helpful? Did any part of this speak to you?

If this is your first time reading my Tuesday Tao series, check the original post out here to understand more about this weekly theme. Click on the Tuesday Tao category at the bottom of this post to see previous posts in this series. The original version of this translation can be found at this website.

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