Stream of Consciousness- This and That

This prompt is harder to write than I anticipated. As many times as I sit down to write a week, you’d think writing about “this” and “that” would be easier. When I think of “this” it makes me think of this past month that has flown by. How are we already into the first week of March? I think of

this weekend and how nice it is that it’s finally arrived. I am finally in a phase that I enjoy everyday, I’m not always wishing for it to be Friday. Today I’m feeling a little run down, the weather finally got the memo that it’s winter and a slight chill has rolled in and I’m feeling it in my bones. Even though spring is just around the corner.

Speaking of March, the next blog challenge I’m signed up for will be here in no time! I really need to get on it and start narrowing my topics down! I have the outline of the month started and a few rough drafts going but they are for the letters at the back end of the alphabet. I better get some things in the works for A-F to get the first week’s worth of posts ready. I almost feel like it’s cheating to draft now and schedule ahead at the end of the month, but if I don’t do it that way, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with the posting. This challenge is more strict and official in the sense that there are monitors checking out the blogs to make sure you’re actually posting and if you don’t then you get kicked off the challenge. Yikes! So scratch that, I don’t feel like it’s cheating, it’s just good preparation.

Now that I’m on the subject of challenges, I need to come up with a goal for when I reach 500 followers. I told myself that would be the next milestone once I reached 100. In celebration of 100 followers I started the bi-monthly meet and greet. I’m thinking of hosting a challenge of some sort in celebration of 500 followers. It’s still a ways off as I’ve got 300 some odd right now, but it sneaks up on you so I want to have an idea ready to roll out.

I’ve really been enjoying blogging this time around. When I started three years ago, I didn’t get any fulfillment out of it because there was no interaction. I would read other blogs and comment only to not receive any response and my blog barely had any traffic. I figured this just wasn’t for me and walked away. This time around, I came up with a game plan and stumbled across some pretty helpful blogs that lead me to the open door of the blog community I never saw before. That has made all of the difference in my blog experience this time around. I’m touched by the support that I receive from my fellow bloggers and the connections I’ve made.

I love exploring other blogs and following the bread trail from blog to blog. I find a blog that’s new to me and see that my fellow blog friends already knew about that blog and have liked and commented. I see bloggers promoting fellow blogs and spreading the blog love. I spend hours reading through blogs and could spend plenty more if my mom life and work life didn’t interfere so much.

Well my stream has slowed to a trickle, so I guess I’ve written all I have to say about “that”.

This post is prompted by the Saturday Stream of Consciousness. This week’s topic was “this” and “that” with the catch of making “this” or “that” the first and last word of your post.ย 

22 Replies to “Stream of Consciousness- This and That”

  1. Hi Niki, thanks for sharing your blogging experience of beginning time. It motivates me to sustain in the struggle of the blogosphere as a new blogger. Wish you will celebrate your next meet & greet very soon by achieving the milestone of 500 followers.

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    1. I’m glad that it does, that is one of my ultimate goals to either inspire or for people to relate to what I write. It’s hard in the beginning but the more blogs you read and like and comment on, the more you get out there the more people will come to you. I’ve learned to blog unto others as you would have others blog unto you. I think you mentioned Danny’s blog over at in the meet and greet. He is a great blogger to follow. Very inspirational, honest, and helpful. I’ve learned a lot from him and following his advice and example I’ve seen my blog grow more than I expected. I’m almost at 400 followers and that’s considering in January I only had 52. I don’t write to gain followers but it’s very satisfying to see them come. Keep attending meet and greets when you find them out there, commenting on posts, and writing the great content you do. It will pick up steam ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great day Shine!

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    1. Hi Cally, thanks for reading. Yes, if you are in it for the interacting, finding the community is crucial! I participate in Danny’s meet and greets every other weekend over at Dream Big, Dream Often and then I host my own meet and greets the other two weekends he isn’t hosting his. If you haven’t seen this weekend’s meet and greet I’m hosting, check it out and you can also read through the previous ones I’ve hosted. Tons of great blogs to follow and great connections to be made. Good luck Cally!

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  2. I love your blogs. I’ve been meaning to get involved with your meet and greets! I too have struggled with blogging. I used to blog all the time a few years ago and now that I’m in school for creative writing i began this blog to help me better myself as a writer.
    Hope you have an awesome day!

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  3. This is such an encouraging post! I’ve recently started blogging to create a writing portfolio, as well as expressing my loveeee of lifestyle blogs, but it’s also because I adore finding out how other people live their lives. It’s so great I stumbled upon your blog! Helping out others with your telephone game shows how sweet you are…your personality really shines through. All the best, xo.

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  4. I relate to what you’re saying, Niki. I’m at a much earlier stage of blogging than you (only three months in), but am absolutely loving it – feel as if it’s really enhancing my life – definitely one of my best New Year’s Resolutions!

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      1. You’re welcome! Oh, and I meant to mention – I haven’t signed up for A-Z yet, have no idea what I’m going to write about when I do, and I’m one of those checking that other bloggers keep up. ๐Ÿ™„ I do love deadlines…

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