Weekend Meet & Greet!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the third edition of my bi-monthly meet and greet! I’m so glad that you’ve found your way over here. If this is your first time at one of my meet and greets, I started hosting them in February as a way of celebrating reaching 100 followers! Personally I find that part of the fun of meet and greets is interacting with other bloggers. So I’ve picked a different theme for each one and will continue to do so until I can’t think of more themes to come up with.

The theme for this weekend’s meet and greet is Telephone. Remember that game from when you were a kid? It always fascinated me how the group would start off with one sentence and end up with something completely unrelated by the time the secret got around the circle. We are going to do an online version. I’m not sure how this is going to work out because if two people comment at the same time or a comment has to await moderation it will throw it off a bit. But let’s not take ourselves to seriously and just go with the flow.

Rules of engagement for the meet and greet- Online Telephone Game

  1. Write one word that comes to mind when you read the first word of the most recently posted comment (at the top of the comment section). Make sure to post a new comment, not a reply so that it goes to the top 😉

  2. Leave a link for a post or blog other than your own- favorite post of the week, favorite blog of all time, it’s up to you. Just promote another blogger!

  3. Leave a link for your own blog or post, after all that’s what we’re here for!

  4. Click that little reblog button and then edit your reblog post to add tags and categories to get the most exposure.

  5. Share, share, share! Don’t keep this to yourself! Spread the word so as many bloggers as possible see this. That means more blogs to explore and more people to explore our blogs!

So that’s the logistics of this weekend’s meet and greet, can’t wait to see where this game of Online Telephone ends up. Feel free to stop by over the weekend and jump in again. You can recommend the same blog, or spread the blog love further by recommending another one the choice is your.

Usually I’m the first to comment but since I’m coming up with the word to start off the game, I’ll let you guys take it away. Remember to put one word that comes to mind based on the word of the most recently posted comment.

The most recent comment is on top as comments are posted with the oldest at the bottom of the page. I’ll try to jump in and post the word in play when I can to make it easy to find. 

233 Replies to “Weekend Meet & Greet!”

  1. FUN! That’s what came to my mind first after seeing word “weekend”.
    I’ve recently started following ‘What’s for Dinner, Moms?’ http://whatsfordinnermoms.com/2016/03/03/pretzel-crusted-chicken-nuggets-with-2-homemade-sauces/ . I like how the author creates delicious recipes from what she has available at home.
    My own blog ‘Salutaris Vita’ https://2lookandbehappy.wordpress.com/ is about nutrition and fitness. has recipes too.
    Again, my Telephone game word is FUN

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  2. Hello, Niki, this is Shine. Thanks for this nice opportunity to meet other bloggers and share our link too. The idea of online telephone game is awesome. My word is MOVIE. My weekend fun means watching movies. This weekend is especially for Leonardo’s movies.

    I just want to share one of my favorite blogger’s link: http://dreambigdreamoften.co/

    This is the link of my one of the recent post: https://closetoyoublog.wordpress.com/2016/02/29/happiness-comes-from-pain/

    Have a great weekend Niki.

    My word is MOVIE.

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    1. Hi Shine! Thanks for taking part in the fun. Movies are a big part of my weekend fun as well! My hubby and I are going to watch Leo’s new movie this weekend. Go figure he finally gets his Oscar for the movie I haven’t seen 😉 thanks again for participating. I know Danny’s blog well, in fact my meet and greets are inspired by him 🙂

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      1. Hi Niki, mention not. glad to participate in this game.
        Your weekend fun is same as me. Have a nice weekend ahead.
        Yes, Danny inspires a lot to the bloggers.

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  3. Hey Niki.

    I love your blog. Thanks so much for this opportunity to meet new bloggers and make new friends.

    The first word that came to mind when I thought of the word weekend is SPECIAL.
    Weekend special is a popular song here in South Africa (an oldie, but a goodie). It’s by the late Brenda Fassie. This song uplifted so many people when our country was fighting for the abolishment of apartheid. watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoWQuI80ejo

    One of my favourite blogs at the moment is http://www.dadstayedhome.com
    It’s so wonderful to see life from a SAH dad’s perspective.

    My blog is https://homehugshuskies.wordpress.com.
    I’m a self published children’s book author and illustrator, Stay at home mom, Step mom, Husky mom, homeschooler, partner, pinner, crafter and pizza lover. I show how I try to navigate it all. I upload lots of colouring pages, printables and activities for little ones.

    This will be my first reblog and I’m honored to share it with my community.

    Thanks again,

    Lindsay 🙂

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      1. Our oldest is a stray that walked into our yard and our youngest is a rescue. I love them immensely. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

        I’m running a free promotion on my book Daniel Dragon’s Princess Pal today only, you can check it out if you like.

        Keep up the great blogging 🙂

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  4. The first word that comes to mind for me when I hear weekend is “FAMILY”. All 6 of our kids will be under our roof this weekend and that is what I am looking forward to.
    My favorite blog from the week is… https://traceysparrowhawk.wordpress.com/2016/02/29/are-you-moving-toward-your-greatness/ this post is talking about how the choices we are make are either moving us forward or not doing much for us. I found it inspirational.
    The link to my blog is: https://cmugrad817.wordpress.com/ currently I am working on a couple of different projects. I have a weekly: Thursday Teenager Spotlight. I am working on a Lenten Journey #40Notes40Days. I also am on Day 2 of a #7photos7days challenge.
    Thank you for having the meet and greet! I am reblogging on my site. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  5. Oh.. RELAX has to be my word when I think of weekend.
    I love following Soulgiftswordpress.com you will find beautiful words and centos !!
    My blog is theutopiauniversewordpress.com. my aim is to help others and give back as much as possible.
    This is my first time here and I am looking forward in joining in and meeting others
    Great idea thank you.

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