Fit Friday- Weight Loss and Eating Habits

I’m really excited to share that I’ve lost weight! I hadn’t weighed myself since December and I was pretty disappointed at that time. My weight hadn’t changed since I had last weighed myself in October. I guess that’s a good thing. I didn’t gain or lose, I just maintained the 10 pound weight-loss from over the summer.

I had my yearly physical this week and wasn’t looking forward to the weigh in portion. I walked out of there happier than I anticipated. I’d noticed my clothes were less snug and my watch wiggled around on my wrist but I didn’t want to get too excited about it. I’m 5’2″ and have been right around 165-170 pounds for the past 5 years; that’s the heaviest I’ve ever been! Granted I have a thicker body type but 165 is a lot for me. Before gaining the “office weight” I was usually between 130 and 135. I feel my best at 130 both health wise and physically but my goal is 135 because I wanted it to be attainable. Yes, it’s just a 5 pound difference but it looks like more than it sounds when you’re my height! I can’t believe I’m closer to 135 than I’ve been in many years. I’m currently at 150! This is a huge achievement because I’m now only 15 pounds away from my goal which is a 35 pound weight-loss once I achieve it!

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It’s  felt almost unattainable over the years. Weight isn’t something I’ve ever struggled with. I was always on the leaner side, lead a very active lifestyle, ate well. I never understood why weight would be a struggle as I got older. It seemed simple enough, eat right and exercise. From a logical point of view this is true. Personally, it comes down to priorities. With only so many waking hours in the day, I have to decide what’s most important. Exercise isn’t something I enjoy, and while I love the benefits of it, I haven’t put the work in over the past few years.

I want to look and feel better in my 30’s than I did in my 20’s. It’s never too late to live the life you want to have. So in the past few months I’ve been more conscious of my health choices. I watch what I eat, my activity level, how much water I drink, my sleeping habits. I’ve just been trying to make better choices all around. In the past 6 months I’ve walked an average of 10-20 miles a week. Some due to necessity and the rest in an effort to be more active.

In the past two to three months, I’ve been thinking more about my eating habits. I’m definitely one to indulge in bread and sweets. I wasn’t eating enough fruits or vegetables and I only ate lunch and dinner on a regular basis. I’ve made it a habit to take a snack to have at work as well as a 2 liter bottle of water to try to drink during my 4 hour shift. It’s been three weeks since I’ve started transitioning to consume less meat. I’m not quite a vegetarian, I do eat meat occasionally but honestly it’s less by the day.

Besides my weight loss, I’ve noticed that my energy level has increased, I’m bloated less often, and my skin is clearer. I’m not a health or nutrition expert, so I don’t know if what I’ve noticed has more to do with my food choices, exercise or a combination of the two. What I do know is that I feel better and I am determined to keep it up as I’m finally seeing results.

I’m not the most motivated person in the world. I’d much rather read or write (I wouldn’t turn down some sweets to keep my creative juices flowing) than exercise, but I want the results and I know I have to work for them. So while I’d rather be sitting on the couch stuffing my face with desserts, I just don’t buy sweets on a regular basis so I can’t reach for them in my time of weakness.

How’s your fitness journey going? Has it been a good week? How was February overall? Have you met or even exceeded your goals? What keeps you going? Are you where you want to be? I’d love to hear about what you are doing to live an active lifestyle and be more health conscious.

21 Replies to “Fit Friday- Weight Loss and Eating Habits”

  1. Congrats on your weight loss Niki! I haven’t been good about going to the gym this past month. But I do walk every day. That’s my favorite form of exercise. Good luck on your goal! You can do it 🙂

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  2. Having turned into a new stage of life – menopause. I have really struggled with weight. I do find with more power walking it seems to help some. I was the one who could eat anything and not gain an ounce. Now, I have to watch everything and at times, I think I eat like a bird but the weight seems to stick to me. I am not overweight by any means but as you stated you feel your best at a certain weight. Great post to share.

    Kudos to your recent loss and getting closer to your goal. 🙂

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  3. The biggest thing for me is committing to eating more and actually eating breakfast. I eat relatively clean (no processed foods and don’t own a microwave) but weight is ALWAYS a struggle. I am about to throw the scale out of the window. I have increased my activity to Crossfit six times a week and at least yoga 3 times a week. I am feeling stronger, and more confident. Water is definitely important in hydration unless you drink too much before a workout and pee yourself like I did. I have also signed up for a few road races to keep me motivated.

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    1. Yes, I’m trying to eat more small balanced meals a day. Good for you, clean eating isn’t always easy but it’s worth it! I don’t own a scale, I go to the pharmacy every few months when I’m curious about how much I weigh. My clothes are generally a good guide for me. Wow! Sounds like you are doing all of the right things to stay active! Good for you Kris!

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      1. I think the biggest thing is doing it for me and no one else. And I am not doing it so I will look a certain way, rather it’s about how I feel.

        One of the biggest stigmas behind people who are overweight is the idea that we are making unhealthy choices or that our diet is the key. My nutrition is great but I have a lot of challenges against me. I am 6′ 265lb woman who eats salads and soups while my co-workers snack on Wendy’s and candy. Yet I am the “fat” one. Go figure.

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      2. Good for you! That’s an excellent mentality to have! I’ve always been the type of person that I can eat whatever, it’s my lifestyle that determines my weight. I’ve always been very active but once I settled down and had kids, I did a lot more running around in a car than on my feet and that has made such a difference. So here’s to us doing this for ourselves and sticking to it! 🙂

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  4. Weight definitely started being an issue when I hit my 30s. It’s amazing how you can keep a stable weight almost effortlessly during your 20s! But unfortunately that doesn’t last. I’ve had to put in a real, conscious, sweaty effort to slim down after my pregnancies and keep the weight off. I had make an effort to make healthy eating and exercise a habit, and now that I’m 40, my investment has paid off. I’m in better shape than I was at 25, so I can say it’s worth it. But it’s definitely not easy!

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  5. I really enjoyed reading this. I’m just over an injury that prevented me from going to the gym for a good six months. I’m about ten lbs shy of my lifetime high weight mark and anxious to drop about 10-15 lbs of bad weight as I get back into my fitness regimen.
    Seeing a similar weight loss story from a different perspective really helped revitalize my motivation!

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    1. I’m sorry to hear about your injury and hope that you’ve recovered. Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post and that it motivated you. If not one more person reads this post I feel good knowing that it helped one person. Have a great weekend!

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