Travel Thursday- Literary Location

Last week I took you to my dream destination. A place I go in my mind’s eye when I need to take a breather. This week I’m taking you along with me to my favorite literary destination. With all of the books I’ve read in my life, this was a tough call. Landscape and time period were my main factors when narrowing down my choices.

Alice In Wonderland was a close second but without a doubt my mind immediately went to the land of Narnia. From the first time the wardrobe opened up to the winter land of Narnia I was captivated. The creatures, the scene, the mystery, all took my imagination for a beautiful ride. This is one of the very few cases that I enjoyed the movie adaptation as much as the books.

I didn’t think that I was going to like the movie the first time that I saw it. The words my mom read me from the book had painted such a vivid picture in my mind that I didn’t want it to be tainted by someone else’s picture. I was pleasantly surprised that my picture remained in tact and that I was seeing things I had only seen in my imagination on the screen in front of me. I loved the idea of a land hidden within a world, and both the movie and the book did an excellent job bringing this land to life.

What is your favorite literary location? Is it fictitious or real? Have you ever been? Would you like to go?

15 Replies to “Travel Thursday- Literary Location”

  1. So many choices! I love the idea of getting inside a book. I don’t think I’d like to stay too long in most of those places, though–too many corsets and stuffy manners! Right now, I’d step into the Sienna, Italy, of Fortier’s Juliet–but that will probably change by tomorrow!

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