My Guilty Confession- Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday

I have already confessed my dark side of being an open binger. As a general rule, I have a 25 episode min to get me started on a show unless extreme circumstances warrant otherwise. I have to say I have recently broken the rule because I just had to see this show for myself.

I can remember getting excited every time I heard the opening theme come on. I’d run to the couch and would be thrilled to watch the Friday line up of shows. Family Matters, Step By Step and my favorite Full House!

I often wish television in general had such great family shows much less the TGIF Friday night family sitcoms I remember from my childhood. I was so excited to see they made a spin off of Full House I could hardly wait to watch it! No I’m not one bit embarrassed to admit that I love the funny, wholesome and slightly cheesy show. My seven year old caught the end of the first episode and was so hooked she almost finished the whole season without me over the weekend (don’t judge me, she was good and it was cold, so marathon show it was).

I love that the original cast is in it-except for you Michelle, really? Couldn’t grace the screen for the show that launched your career? I get it, we’re the same age, I watched you grow up on TV and soar to levels of success I’ll never know. Was an on-screen Skype call too much? Ok my bitter rant ends here. I’m only on episode 5 so I’m hopeful she’ll make a cameo because come on, the rest of the entire cast did. On another note, I can’t get over how much I love Candace Cameron Bure! She is so stinking adorable and doesn’t skip a beat picking up where she left off playing the DJ Tanner that I watched and loved growing up.

I love how the show has been able to stay true to its roots while keeping up with the times. Maybe it’s because I’m a mom now instead of a kid or maybe it’s because the standards of TV have changed, but there have been a couple of lines that made me wonder if my 7 year old caught and hope they went over her head. Those few instances aside it’s everything a Full House fan could hope for. I haven’t gone online to do any digging and see if there will be a season two or find out if they were able to talk Michelle info making an appearance but I’m hopeful that both will turn out to be the case. While my daughter missed out on many years worth of laughs and lessons from the Tanner household, I’m hopeful she’ll be able to look back on Fuller House the way I look back on Full House.

7 Replies to “My Guilty Confession- Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday”

  1. Great post~ I had to watch “Fuller house” as well. Even though it is cheesy I am still enjoying it. 🙂 And yes, Michelle really could have made some sort of appearance. One of the twins could have taken time away from their empire to grace the cast with their presence. 😉 My kids enjoyed it too 🙂

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    1. Right?! I mean there’s two of them! And with technology these days I mean they could’ve had a Skype conversation behind the scenes of a runway show or something to play along. This show is what made them… That really irked me. My daughter cracks up with Fuller House! I wish we had more shows like that to enjoy together. I get sick of the inbetweeny bop Disney shows :/

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