One Challenge Ends, Another Begins

Today is the last day of the Love Is In Da Blog challenge that I participated in for the month. Out of the 29 day challenge, I think I only missed one, possibly two days. One of which was when I was at my weekend mindfulness retreat.

This year I was possessed by my creativity and needed a way to express myself and so I took to my blog as an outlet.

I decided to give myself daily prompts to make it easier to meet my goal to write quality content to post daily. I was delighted to find the February challenge on the first day of its debut this year. I took it as a sign and decided to participate as a warm-up for the April challenge I’m signed up for and to keep me on track with my goal of posting daily.

At times it was a challenge because of course time is limited, so I had to prioritize in order to post one to two posts a day. I want my readers to find value in what I write and not post for the sake of posting. Some days I was both inspired and productive and was able to get my regular daily prompt up and my challenge prompt up. Other days I would be extra productive and be able to write and schedule posts out a couple of days. There were some days that I was lucky to get my posts published six hours after I normally have my posts hit the reader.

This was a great first challenge experience especially because I’m new to blogging and also because I’m not great with rules. I don’t think I would have done well with a more strict challenge for my first challenge participation. I enjoyed Bee’s leniency, her attitude and acceptance. I loved the topics and the prompts. Some days I would let my mind run with the topic, other days I was happy to let the prompt guide me. Bee is very open to feedback, receptive and accommodating. I generally write at night and missed out on a couple of opportunities to use the prompt to write because I would write the night ahead of the prompt being published. I mentioned this in passing and Bee actually scheduled her posts to publish the day before from that point on.

I enjoyed exploring topics that I had dabbled with in my personal life but didn’t think or venture to post about like mindfulness for example. I also liked Wordless Wednesday, displaying an image to capture the prompt. I was thankful that Thursdays were dedicated to travel as my own Thursday topic is travel as well and was able to get away with writing one post for one day each week. It opened me  up to writing styles I wouldn’t normally post like stream of consciousness in which you write what comes to mind on the prompt just letting ideas flow with little to no editing. I liked being able to look at other blogs that participated and seeing where the the topics and prompts took their writing.

If you were to participate in a blog challenge this is one that I would recommend. You get positive, good quality topics and prompts to post about. The host is incredibly kind, friendly and flexible. My only complaint is that I have to wait 11 months to be able to participate again. In the meantime I’ll incorporate some of the topics from time to time to give me a fix until I partake again next year.

A big thank you to you Bee for being such a great host of this challenge. Thank you for keeping it light, inspiring, and fun. Thank you for reading and often engaging in comments on the posts. I enjoyed reading yours and getting to see other’s posts as well. Can’t wait to see what you do with it next year.

Now that one challenge is over, I will be preparing for my next challenge. I have the month of March to brainstorm, write some rough drafts and finalize my ideas  for the A-Z Challenge I’ll be participating in. This is also a daily prompt challenge, with the goal of posting everyday except Sundays with any topic starting with the letter of the day working from A to Z as the name of the challenge suggests.

11 Replies to “One Challenge Ends, Another Begins”

    1. Good for you Amy! The key to this challenge will be preparation and organization for me. They are strict as far as participation so I don’t to get taken out of the challenge because I can’t publish my posts so I’ll definitely be writing at least two days ahead to keep up with the challenge and my regularly scheduled content 😉


      1. That’s a good idea. I’m really hoping to do some drafting this month. I often find I spend the most time deciding on photos, so I’m planning to figure that out ahead of time, too. We’ll see how it goes!

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  1. Hi Nikki, I’m so glad you enjoyed #LoIsInDaBl and am looking forward to “meet” you at “Blogging from A-Z”. I’m taking part too and am not sure yet if that was a crazy step. 😉 . Thank you so much for taking ng part and your compliments. They are much appreciated!

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