#MomLife Monday-Nothing Wrong With Being Silly

I have the tendency to take myself too seriously sometimes. I’ve gotten over myself in the past few months (I’ve been working on myself), but I still have a ways to go. One of the many things that I’m working on is balance. While there is a time and a place to be serious, set limits, discipline and all the other things that come along with being a parent, there is also a time to loosen up.

That’s one thing I have trouble with. I don’t know if it’s because I think that I won’t be taken seriously or if it’s because I’ve forgotten what it’s like to see life through the eyes of a child. The other day my daughter and I were walking home from school and her stories that led to other stories followed by a thousand questions sent my head spiraling. Normally I would have just asked her to give me five minutes of quiet to let my head catch up but I didn’t want to dampen her mood so I started being silly, just talking in funny voices and making light of her talkativeness and she realized she was bombarding me and cooled it for a bit.

I realized that I had avoided hurting her feelings, making her feel bad and was able to get her to tone it down without taking the excitement out of seeing me for the first time all day. She just grabbed my hand and swung it as we walked the rest of the way home and told me how much she loved me and added that I was the best mom in the world. Don’t worry I don’t let it get to my head, I understand she’s biased. It did make me realize that I used a tactic I should utilize more often and one that I learned from her. I love watching her and her sister together and even when her little sister does something she doesn’t like or appreciate she is very kind and tender about it. Instead of crying or throwing a tantrum, her one year old sister usually cracks up and gives her a kiss and moves on when she’s told “no” because her big sister is so incredibly sweet and silly about it she doesn’t care.

All this to say that parenting doesn’t always have to be good cop/bad cop. Take a moment to analyse how you normally handle situations and think if there is a better age appropriate way you can deal with the situation with some fun that can still yield the results you are looking for.

What are your thoughts on this week’s parenting topic? Are you silly enough with your young kids? Do you laugh enough? Do you let them see the fun side of you?


34 Replies to “#MomLife Monday-Nothing Wrong With Being Silly”

  1. What a great post Niki. I think I was sillier when the kids were younger. These days I’m more serious probably as I have more worries on my mind but I do need to learn how to chillax a bit more. Maybe I’ll try a wig and moustache like you!! πŸ™‚

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  2. I don’t have kids but I really enjoy reading these posts you write πŸ™‚
    Growing up my mom was always happy and playful with us! I remember going to my friends home and see their moms either yelling or saying “go play somewhere else” or just being very serious adults, and thinking my mom was the best eheh! Now looking back, I think my mom really knew how to achieve that balance between being a parent and being a friend. I’m sure you will too!

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  3. I’m not a parent but I teach kids and one of the things we always discuss (ie. bitch about) with my colleagues is how hard is it to find the balance between fun and discipline. I think it’s a trial & error as it depends on so many things but I agree with you: it’s not good to take ourselves too seriously 😊

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  4. Awesome post!
    I love being silly with my step kids. One time on the way to school the 2 of them got in an argument, they are 6 and 8, and I usually let them duke it out but the 8 year old was being pretty mean to his sister, so when we pulled up to the school, instead of giving him an ear full, I blasted my music “Shut up and dance” came on and I jumped out of the car and danced in the middle of the drop off line. I think they forgot about their argument by then lol , and everyone’s day was a little brighter. I had a few parents tell me later that it made their day too lol

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