Mindful Monday- Mindful Spaces

The more I practice mindfulness, the more I want to have a space dedicated to it. Our apartment is a nice size but oddly shaped. I could move things around and give myself a little corner but with a one year old running, climbing and getting into everything I feel like I need more than just a corner. In reality a decent comfy cushion and a quiet space would suffice.

Love this for a cozy corner meditation space.
Image credit: owlsandbirdcages.tumblr.com

Ideally I would love to use the spare bedroom to paint all white and have a shelf for candles and a little tabletop zen garden. I’ve browsed Pinterest and come across all sorts of beautiful ideas for meditation spaces. From corners, to rooms and gardens. There is no right or wrong way to go, it just depends on the space and means you have to make it work for you.

In my mind’s eye, I picture mine as the spare room (ha reminds me of Narnia) painted all white. I love that the sliding door faces the ocean and while it is off in the distance, it’s still beautiful to see the water glistening in the sunlight.

Image credit: energywebring.com

The sun warming up the room and the slight breeze that enters when the door is cracked. I found a beautiful wallpaper that would go perfectly with its zen vibe on one side of the room. A little corner shelf for essence to burn, and another for my crystals to go. Hang crystals in front of the window and watch them catch the sunlight and reflect it like a rainbow display in the room.

For now I’d settle for a makeshift tent in the corner. Just a quiet space that I can sit comfortably in and connect, center, and ground myself. A little hideaway. I’d have to set one up for the girls too or else that would be their favorite space in the house no doubt.



Image credit: via SF Girl By Bay

Do you have a special place set up for yourself to practice mindfulness? Where is it? What is it like? Is it a makeshift space or a space you’ve put a lot of thought, time and effort into? Do you practice in the same place everyday or do you just practice when and where the urge strikes you? Do you practice indoors or outdoors?

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22 Replies to “Mindful Monday- Mindful Spaces”

  1. I wish I had space of my own, well I guess I do, in my head! But physically I love to go outside on our decking where it’s quiet and still and overlooks green hills and nature. That’s where I lose myself mostly. Outside.

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    1. I can relate to that. We live in an apartment and our balcony is too small to even stand sideways on much less sit. I’d love to be able to do something with it because I have the mountains off to my left and the ocean ahead but it’s not feasible. So I’ll have to decide what to do inside. 🙂

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  2. I do not have a corner as such in our house, but I best connect and ground myself in nature. That is why I try to get the daily walk in my daily routine. Not doing well on that side lately though :-). However, I have incorporated candles and an aromatherapy candle in our living room which is where our family life happens. As my husband and I work funny shifts and the kids, live with their mum I often have time for myself and can meditate in peace.

    Here is a little present for you. Thanks so much for taking part in #LoIsInDaBl https://justfoolingaroundwithbee.wordpress.com/2016/02/29/loveisindablog-badge-of-honour/


    1. I love your candle idea and have since incorporated it into my routine 🙂
      Why thank you for the surprise. I’ve very much enjoyed my first blog challenge and can’t believe I have to wait 11 months for it to come back around. Although I think I’ll feature a Mindful Monday lost evey now and then 😉

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      1. I got lucky in that Thursdays were a two birds with one stone scenario because I do travel Thursdays that day anyway. I love spreading the blog love and try to reblog once a week and host a meet and greet twice a month. I really enjoyed trying new topics 🙂

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