Ketchup Day

I remember we would have a Ketchup Day when I was in 5th grade. We would gather all of the assignments that we hadn’t completed, chapters of books unread and have a day to catch up. It always cracked me up that Mrs. Shave called it “Ketchup” Day. So in the spirit of Ketchup Day, that’s what I’m going to do.

This week I’ve been a little off since coming back in the wee hours Sunday night from my weekend mindfulness retreat, and it showed in my stats. I like to watch the numbers but I don’t let them influence me very much. I really use them to try to figure out the best time to post and I like to see what content gets the most views. I posted in the late afternoon and early evening hours instead of first thing in the morning. Some days I only wrote one post, which is normally phenomenal except with the challenge I’m participating in it should be two posts a day. All in all, I’m sure there’s a post you missed here or there so I figured I’d make it easy to find this week’s posts by highlighting them here. If you saw them and didn’t care for them, no worries, continue browsing your reader.

Monday I didn’t do my normal #MomLife Monday post but I did give you a recap of my weekend retreat in this Mindful Monday post.

Tuesday I wrote my Tao Tuesday post and my challenge Teaser Tuesday post but both got up pretty late in the day.

Wednesday I got one of my posts published on time and did my Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday topic spur of the moment. I was also nominated for an award over the weekend that I was able to participate in and post about.

Thursday I took you to my dream destination.

Friday I focus on health and fitness of the mind and body. I also reblogged a quiz from a fellow blogger and a weekend meet and greet hosted by the blogger that inspired me to start hosting my own.

It felt like I didn’t get much done, but now that I’m looking at it, I got more done than I realized. It’s hard work keeping up with my little blog. Coming up with content for each day, and not just something for the sake of posting but content that I hope is in some way meaningful and interesting. I write from my heart so while I’m hopeful that people read it and thankful no matter the number that do but I don’t let it influence what I post about because I also don’t write thinking of my stats. Thank you to everyone that visits on my blog, whether you just stumbled across it or you are a faithful reader. I appreciate it.


2 Replies to “Ketchup Day”

  1. Thank you for being an open book. I appreciate your honesty and sincerety in every one of your posts. You are wise, vulnerable and yet strong at the same time; which are qualities to be admired. Keep up the good writing ☺

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