I’ve been really good about blogging everyday for the past month or two. I would say unfortunately but it isn’t unfortunate circumstances- I’m not going to post this weekend.

I recently wrote about living a life that is more fulfilling and no sooner did I publish that did I come across an opportunity to do just that. I am very interested in living a life that is more health conscious- physically, mentally and spiritually. I have the opportunity to go to a weekend retreat and I’m going for it.

Of course at first I didn’t want to, I talked myself out of it before I even let myself consider it. After talking to my confidants- my hubby and mom, I figured they were right and I needed to go for it. So as much as I would LOVE to post I might have to do some makeup posts this week because since this was last minute (as in I signed up last night at 10 pm) I wasn’t able to write and schedule my posts today (you know sometimes this thing called work gets in the way of my blog life).

So in the meantime, check out some of my recent posts or even my old ones and make your way over to my 24 hour meet and greet I hosted yesterday and find some wonderful blogs to fill your reader!

Have a great weekend and I look forward to writing on Monday!


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