Meet & Greet! 24 Hour Link Party!

1 hour left in the 24 hour link party! Jump in and get your favorite post or blog on the list along with your own! I’m having a great time interacting with you guys and I love seeing you guys chat amongst yourselves. Don’t be shy, join the party!

I’ll be recirculating the post to give exposure so it’s not a one time deal. Join the party here!

Happy blog hunting!



2 Replies to “Meet & Greet! 24 Hour Link Party!”

  1. Heyyyy, I am so happy I made it to here three hours before deadline (it’s 11 pm Egypt time and 9pm London time)

    My favorite song to lift my mood up is I’m Alive by Celine Dion. In the same category is Let’s get Loud by Jennifer Lopez. They both get me dancing like a crazy hip hop dancer ☺

    Being a single mum makes me compassionate with single mums like me, that’s why I recommend the article:

    I am blogging at


    Thanks a lot for this great chance

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    1. Hi Magy! Everyone, she is new to our party, she was a suggested blog that I was able to stop by and check her post out this morning and she made her way back over here! I love the connections that are made, and seeing how they are made! Anyway, thank you for your links Magy, I’ll be checking them out soon. 🙂

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