Blog Love- Memoirs

I hosted a meet and greet a couple of weeks ago and have been busy reading the blogs of the bloggers that participated as well as the blogs they recommended. I didn’t want to look at them just to say that I did so it has taken me almost two weeks to get through all of the 200+ blogs. 

I have come across many wonderful blogs and have so many different things coming across my reader, it is exciting every time I get on WordPress. One of the blogs that I came back to was Lynz Real Cooking. Her memoirs section really caught my attention. I admire her for being so open and honest and putting herself out there in a way many people wouldn’t do. If you haven’t checked out her blog, I recommend that you do. Thank you KoolAidMoms for suggesting her, I’ve really enjoyed reading it.

I’m hosting another meet and greet this weekend, hop on over to this post to check it out. If it’s anything like the last one there will be quite a variety of blogs to look through.

If you haven’t written a post for the Love Is In Da Blog challenge, there’s still a couple of weeks left! Go ahead and jump in, it’s a lot of fun and if nothing else you get post prompts to exercise your writing muscles.

Happy Friday!

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