Wordless Wednesday- Animal Love

This week’s Love Is In Da Blog Wordless Wednesday prompt is animals you love.

Nala as an itty bitty adorable little fluffy puppy!!
Nala on the left with her twinkie Shya. How I miss my two fluffy fur balls. They would run to the side of the house and stand on the pile of construction material my hubby had so they could see us as we got home, every time.
Bella and her favorite little curly girl when they first fell in love with each other.
Bella the day before she suddenly died. I decided to give my vintage camera a go for the first time and she managed to get in the shot every time. So I finally decided to get a picture of her on purpose. Glad I did. Sad that her expression reflects the pain she must have been in but glad to get such a tender last moment between her and the girl that loved her so dearly. Sweetest dog you could ever want in your life.

8 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday- Animal Love”

    1. They all were, I felt bad because I am missing a picture of one of them but the girls were cranky so I had to schedule the post without it. No I don’t have any right now. 2 kids is all I can commit to feeding and caring for right now. Eventually we want to get one but Bella died in my lap when I was pregnant with my youngest back in 2014 and that has me thinking twice about bringing in a family member I know we will outlive. I love all of them they are each special in their own way. 🙂

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    1. Thank yoy. My 7 year tells me she is running like she couldn’t before with her bad hips and she’s barking at old ladies (her favorite pastime). When she passed she was saddened that she didn’t hold on another month and a half to meet her baby sister. The innocense of children. 🙂

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