Late Night Blogger’s Thoughts


What am I doing up?

I should really be in bed.

Why is it at night

the best ideas come into my head?

There’s something about the stillness

and the quiet in the night.

It’s like a late night present

giving my creativity light.

I know I will regret this

when it’s time to wake.

Look a notification!

Just another post, or four.

Must. not. give. in. to Morpheus

who will take these ideas forever more.




2 Replies to “Late Night Blogger’s Thoughts”

    1. I keep my phone close by and my google docs looks like my 1 year old pressed random buttons but those words randomly spread across the doc all mean something and I go back to it often for inspiration. Nothing worse than having a great idea and no place to write it down! I can never get it just right when I try to rewrite something that came into my head spur of the moment. Ok last comment of the night. Closing my eyes and closing the laptop… 😉


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