#MomLife Monday- Bedtime Shuffle

If you want to keep up your child’s water intake, tell them they have to go to bed. I don’t know what it is about bed that makes my daughter’s mouth as dry as the Sahara Desert. I don’t ever see her as thirsty as when bedtime comes around. All of a sudden she has to have it. At first I’d put my foot down, no means no, stay in bed and all of that.

Then I would have the cup ready for her. These days she’s old enough to get it herself. I don’t resist anymore because I know this is the last phase. First she’ll try to talk, tell me things about her day she didn’t mention at lunch. Then she’ll try to stall and push bedtime back. Tell me how much she wants to play with her sister because she missed her while she was at school all day (never mind she had all evening to play with her when she was busy watching her before bedtime show). 


Drinking water is her last trick because it’s something that requires her to get out of bed. So she gets up, drinks her small cup of water that she has to have because her throat is just so parched she can’t sleep like that. She takes little sips and drinks it painfully slow all the while observing the house. I think she realizes there are no parties to be thrown, no games to be played, no fun to be had without her. Once she is satisfied that hubby and I are going to do what we said and just talk, read, watch a show (or inevitably just fall asleep ourselves) she finishes her last sip and goes to bed.

Do you have a bedtime shuffler in your house? What tricks and schemes do they come up with to avoid the dreaded bedtime? Do you have to start your bedtime routine earlier in order to get them in bed on time? How long does it take before they actually go to sleep? Do they get up or just get bored and lose their battle with the sandman?

17 Replies to “#MomLife Monday- Bedtime Shuffle”

  1. ‘I can’t sleep. I’ve tried and I just can’t.’ I tell them, don’t try, just lie there and try to stay awake as long as you can. Out like a light. There have been various versions over the years. ‘Five more minutes’ was the war cry a lot. Then they hit the teens and you can’t get them out of bed. :/

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  2. My husband… he just desperately needs to have half an hour on the computer just incase the world imploded in the two hours that we snuggled and watched a programme together ( code for i slept ). The half an hour of scroll and tap can be heard like breaking rocks in a quarry as i lay waiting. *whispers* he may be secretly a ten yearold…

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      1. Noo funny it’s not… he just bounces in the room and on the bed pokes and tickles me regardless of how long I went up before him… well okay thats probably why I go first *blushes*


  3. That’s so intriguing, my (half)sisters did exactly the same asking for water! They’re 11 and 14 years younger than me and every time I was staying at my father’s, bed time was a comedy! For me at least ahah It was so funny to hear all the excuses 😀

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  4. this is exactly us 🙂 every night my son wants a drink, then he needs a wee, then he says he feels poorly…hmm. I ask him if his foot hurts, yes, his head, yes, his tummy, yes and so it goes on!

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