Mindful Monday- Do You Love Mindfulness


The prompt for week three’s edition of Mindful Monday is Do you love mindfulness? The act of practicing mindfulness is not easy; it takes a lot of concentration and self discipline. I’ve noticed that the more that I practice the easier it becomes. I use it more often and in many situations. I use it at work when I feel myself starting to get frazzled with the many tasks that need to be completed in a short window of time. I use it as a parent to prevent myself from resorting to yelling or other reactions that I don’t want to display. I use it as a person to just clear my mind, release the frustration and emotional buildup. 

I like the person that I have become in the couple of years that I have been practicing mindfulness. I have become more slow to anger, less quick to judge, more tolerant and acceptive. I’m by no means where I want to be, but I have seen great progress in a short amount of time and much of that is due to simply dedicating a few moments each day to clear my mind, recognize and accept my feelings and release negative emotions. This allows me to be the best me that I can each day embracing and living in the moment.

In short, my answer is yes, I do love mindfulness. I love it as a tool, as a lifestyle practice, and as resource to pass along to my children. I think everyone can benefit from practicing mindfulness at least a few minutes a day. I love the feeling I have after practicing and the immediate release and peace that I get from it even in the most aggravating of situations. I love that I can diffuse a situation before it escalates and becomes a negative emotion I harbor by just centering my thoughts and feelings and releasing it before I allow it to infect me and fester.

Do you practice mindfulness? How often? Where is your favorite place or time to practice? What do you notice after you practice? Let me know your thoughts on why you love mindfulness, or better yet, join the challenge at least for the day and write your own post on mindfulness!

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