Soulful Sunday-Spirituality In Nature

I have to admit that as much as I like a fun trip, destinations with picturesque views, and quaint little restaurants, I can be quite the hermit. After a long week of catching buses, taking the girls from one place to the next and going from my day job to my mom job, on the weekend I just want to curl up on the couch, laptop well on my lap and silence to surround me. On the one hand I find this very fulfilling. I love that not only have I started writing again, but I’m writing daily. It is such a release and pleasure. On the other hand, I don’t want life to pass by and my girls to remember me in the background, sitting on the couch writing as they played, giggled, and made memories on the floor in front of me.

So while it took everything in me to convince myself to go through with the plan of meeting up with my hubby by the beach to go for a nice half day walk with him and the girls, I know I would have regretted it had I not gone. It would have been easy to be in a bad mood after power-walking up hill to wait at the bus stop baking in the hot sun and out of breath. It would have been easy to have been exasperated and irritated when my husband met up with us an hour later than planned; me waiting with the girls with no shade in sight, hungry and ready for our makeshift picnic. The person I was a few years ago would have let that spoil my mood and in turn ruin the day, but I got up with a mission on my mind. I wouldn’t let anything ruin the day. We were going to have fun and make memories, no matter what inconveniences presented themselves.

As it turns out, the girls and I had a great time while we waited. We observed people at the beach we could only imagine came from Canada, Russia, and Poland, if not Antarctica itself to enjoy a swim in the crisp February ocean waters. We enjoyed the sliver of shade we found under a tree and ate some juicy fruit from our picnic lunch. We played I Spy and the girls walked along the beach walkway waving and smiling at strangers passing by.

Once my hubby was able to finish at work and meet up with us, we devoured our lunch and enjoyed a long walk that lead us to a beautiful grassy area we thought no longer existed by the beach. We were there for a couple of hours laughing, taking pictures, watching the girls play and listening to the waves. We made our way to the destination of the day (that I’ll elaborate on in my Thursday post) and enjoyed the beautiful ocean-side view the entire walk there.

Whenever we spend the day outdoors, I’m always reminded why I love it so much. I enjoy it whatever the scenery but especially the beach walks. I love the breeze, the smell of the ocean, the sunshine reflecting off of the water, the birds. I love hearing the waves come and go, watching the foam that forms when the waves crash against the rocks. The feeling I get when I let my thoughts be replaced by the calmness that takes over my mind and body when I allow the moment to take control. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, while I don’t go to church, I can’t help but feel connected to God when I’m surrounded by the beauty of nature. The vibrant colors of the sky at sunset, the songs of the birds overhead and the breeze that gives us relief from the hot day are all reminders of the beauty of life.


6 Replies to “Soulful Sunday-Spirituality In Nature”

  1. Such a great post. I love your blog. And I could connect so well with not wanting my kid to remember me writing in the background while he (he has no siblings yet) plays alone on the floor. No nursery yet until probably August, so it’s the two of us most of the time, with me working the hours I can and writing an hour or two when I can snatch them. Keep up the wonderful articles, they are truly helpful 🙂

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