Soulful Sunday- Quiche and Giving Back

I find myself sounding like my mom more and more now that I have kids, especially at the table. My 7 year old can be pretty picky sometimes. She usually ends up eating her food but it can be slow and painful and more times than not, she’s left at the table to finish her meal alone. Unless it’s spaghetti or beef stew in which case I have to limit her to two bowls and an hour later she’s asking for more.

I can relate because as a child there were meals served that I wished were never made. Quiche, meatballs, meatloaf and broccoli were at the top of my list along with anything served with gravy. I have never eaten any of those in my adult life with the exception of gravy but only chicken gravy and sparingly.

What does this have to do with being grateful? Even as a child, I can remember being thankful for my food even if I didn’t particularly like it. I can remember my mom telling me that there were kids that would be thankful to eat out of the trashcan. I couldn’t believe it. At first I thought she was just trying to guilt me into eating quiche which she knew I didn’t like but made it just to torture me.

After awhile, I realized that she was telling the truth. There were kids that didn’t go home to kitchen pantries stocked with snacks or refrigerators full of food. I can remember being around 9 and asking if there was a way for me to freeze my food to send it to kids that would go to bed hungry that night. It’s funny to me how wiling I was to help at such a young age. There was a problem and the solution seemed simple. As an adult, I tend to look the other way or close my eyes to make it easier to live with.

I would like to be more active in the community like I was growing up when I would volunteer at a soup kitchen on Saturdays or visit people in the nursing home on Sundays. It doesn’t take a trip around the world to an impoverished country to help those in need (although if that is an opportunity that is available, it’s a wonderful way to give back) there are people that are in need right in your community. They could be your neighbors, one of your children’s classmates, or someone in line in front of you at the store.

Today what I am grateful for is to be able to feed my kids and go to bed every night with a full stomach. I know that is not something that everyone is able to do. It saddens me to think of all of the hunger, poverty and illness in the world. I need to be better about doing my part to help others out. I’m not in the financial position that I would like to be right now, but even so, I know that I could volunteer my time. While I am thankful that my family has health and nourishment, there are families not far away that don’t. I need to look into what local organizations there are that help those in need and see what my family can do to help.

What are you grateful for? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Happy Sunday!

7 Replies to “Soulful Sunday- Quiche and Giving Back”

  1. A wonderful post Niki. We are blessed to have food on the table every night. And a roof over our head, basic things that many don’t have. Agree we need to give back when we can and it doesn’t have to be major. Every little bit helps, whether it’s financial or otherwise.

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  2. I am glad your childhood experiences have helped to make you the thoughtful and caring person that you are today. P.S. I did not make quiche to torture you… I simply like it ☺

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