#MomLife Monday- Raising A Mindful Child

I just got done writing a post about practicing mindfulness with children. It made me think about my goal to raise children that are mindful of others. I want to contribute to the good in the world, and what better way than by teaching my children to be considerate of those around them?

This isn’t Mother Teresa groundbreaking stuff, but it is something that I can do to make the world around us a better place. With every smile and small kind gesture they make, it encourages that person to be more mindful.

It doesn’t take much effort. Holding open the door for the person behind you, greeting the cashier as you check out at the store. Making eye contact and smiling at those you walk by, giving a stranger a compliment. Helping someone pick up their grocery bags they dropped, or even, helping someone struggling to load their groceries. The best way to teach them is by showing them. Let your children see you lend a helping hand to a stranger. Do a kind deed just because, even better, keep it a secret just the two of you! Revel in the feeling of doing something nice and sharing that memory together. Pay the $5 the person in line in front of you couldn’t afford so they had to chose between chicken or potatoes.

It is easy to complain that we live in a world that is unkind, self-centered, and lacking in empathy, but what are you doing to change that? The change starts with you, change your outlook and your actions will follow. Your children will pick up on this change and be right behind you. I leave you with a quote that sums this up perfectly.

pexels-photo-large (10)1

What do you do to teach your children kindness, compassion, sympathy and empathy for others? Have you noticed your children being mindful of others even when they don’t know you are looking? Leave a comment with your thoughts on raising mindful children below!

13 Replies to “#MomLife Monday- Raising A Mindful Child”

  1. So very true Nicki. Kindness, compassion, mindfulness … it all starts at home. I’ve always tried to raise my two children to be respectful of others, to show good manners and to be the best people they can be. Now they’re both in their teens and good manners come naturally to them. I see the way they treat others and I’m so proud of who they’ve become.

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    1. That is so wonderful! That is one of the greatest compliments, to see that your kids (no matter their age) are being kind and respectful even when they don’t know you’re looking. What a great feeling Miriam! Happy Monday (even though I know it’s into the evening for you).

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  2. Awesome post! I can totally relate with wanting to raise our kids to be mindful! Leading by example is the first step. I have always been a fan of paying it forward, and I’ve always tried to make sure they are around when I do. My 8 year old step son opens doors for people all the time when we are out, he loves being helpful to others. Seeing him being mindful and thoughtful is such a reward for us both!

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  3. Hi Niki- I’m intrigued by this topic- one of the most powerful ways I’ve found to influence my children to be mindful of others and to encourage kindness- is to share books with then which reflect these values.
    Consistent modelling of compassion is also essential.
    Making time to listen to my kids well is something I strive to do.

    Thanks for sharing,


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