Meet and Greet!

Last day to get your blog and a recommended blog on the list! I’ll be closing the comments after the weekend (around 10:00 am London time to ensure everyone that wants to participate has had the opportunity according to the weekend in their time zone).

Be sure to let us know your favorite morning drink! Don’t be shy and leave a comment on a fellow blogger’s comment if you share a drink preference, blog interest or if you’ve checked out their blog or suggested blog. The fun is in the interaction!

If you’ve stopped by earlier in the weekend, leave another comment. People are looking through the blogs, so give them a new blog suggestion! If you’ve just come across the page, leave a comment!

Of course, the more people that see this, the more suggested blogs to look through to fill our readers, the more potential connections and the more visitors our blogs get. So share, share, share! Reblog, Facebook, Tweet, all of the options are there.

Original meet and greet link

Happy blog hunting!