Song Lyric Sunday- Love Is In Da Blog

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Day 7 of the Love Is In Da Blog challenge and as week one comes to a close, the theme for today is songs. It can be a love song or just a song you love. The song I chose for the first round is both. I love Smokey’s voice, the smoothness of the song, the way it makes me feel when I hear it and that it makes me want to close my eyes and dance every time. 

No better start to my day than listening to Crusin’ on YouTube dancing with my girls as the pancake batter sets in the kitchen on this lovely lazy Sunday morning. Eyes closed singing the words as I hold my baby girl with my 7 year old’s arms wrapped around me and the three of us swaying in an embrace to the rhythm. As I stand enveloped in love, I think about life, love, music, and how amazing moments like this are. Have a great day, I hope you enjoy this song. I’m going to put the pancakes in the pan and hit replay.

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