Stream of Consciousness- Love Is In Da Blog

My Saturday post for the Love Is In Da Blog February challenge. Let’s see how this goes!

I woke up at 5 am. Have to get my comment ready so I can be the first to comment and welcome everyone to my meet & greet. First let me check these notifications. Wow, I can’t believe so many people said something while I was asleep. OMG! How did 5:55 get here so quickly?! Have to get my comment together.

Was that the baby? False alarm.

I hope people stop by the meet and greet. Ok think of something other than the meet and greet. Self love. Yes, I love myself. I’ve learned to accept myself for who I am, for the most part. I could stand to lose some weight. I have a hard time accepting my physical appearance. I miss my old body, not because I’m vein but because I don’t like feeling like the frumpy just turned 30 year old I see in the mirror. Have to start working out on Monday. I don’t take myself so seriously anymore. I’ve learned to laugh at myself. My 7 year old helps me see the lighter side of things. She always makes me laugh. Her comments never cease to amaze me. Boy does she have a good sense of humor. She is a talker. I have got to be more patient with her. She talks until my head wants to explode. She is so smart and kind. I love how attentive she is with her sister. Ah, my spit fire. She is going to be a handful, especially learning from her big sister.

Don’t look at the notification, don’t look at the notification. Finish the writing prompt. I should have written this in Google docs so I wouldn’t be distracted. Not that it takes much to distract me. I’m not doing very good at this. I was supposed to focus and write about love or something to do with love, or what? I can’t even remember the topic anymore, I read something about going wild. Wild…like the jungle? Into the Wild. Oh god. I hate that movie. Why did I just think of that? Makes me cry every time I think about it. Too sad. Why did he do that to himself? Wild…wild animal, lions. So majestic looking. What about those people that have lions as pets. Crazy. Wild. Hair. My girls have wild hair going on when they wake up in the morning. Wild. Nope at a loss for thoughts on wild here. Maybe I’ll do better next week, I need to do this as a warm up…

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