Meet & Greet A Day Away!

In just over 8 hours, I’ll be posting the link for the first meet and greet hosted at my blog! I’m so excited! I’m rolling it out at 6 am Greenwich Mean time

to take advantage of the early morning hours on this side of the world. So make sure you grab your mug and a cozy spot so you can find a new blog to read and maybe even make a new friend.

Happy blog hunting!


8 Replies to “Meet & Greet A Day Away!”

  1. Super excited! It is a great idea. I am wondering though, for someone like me, does it take away from the theme of the blog (mine being recipes)? It seems to blend with blogs like yours, and Danny’s, but I’ve never seen anything like that on another food blog when I am “browsing” around. Thoughts 🙂

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    1. Everyone has to eat right? Might as well eat good, and what better way to give your blog exposure? When you give back, it helps you as well as the bloggers that stop by. Maybe you can have a theme, like leave a comment with your favorite cookie recipe, or your favorite childhood food and then you can bring the food theme into it 😉

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    1. Hi Andi! No need to wait, it is when a blog has the comments section activated and it is specifically for the purpose of other bloggers promoting their blog. You can browse through the comments and find blogs to follow and comment for people to find your blog 🙂

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