Fit Friday! Healthy Lifestyle Choices

As I sit to write this, my mind automatically scans all of the things that I didn’t do this week. I felt bad writing a Fit Friday post without having something positive to say. I’m not one of these people that loves to exercise. In my younger years I was lucky to be on the petite side. I was always…full figured and on the thicker side of petite. Fast forward to now and let’s just say sitting at a desk doesn’t do my waistline any favors.

While I haven’t gotten up at 5:45 am to do Cize like I wanted to, or at 5:30 to meditate and then to Cize, I have made some good lifestyle choices. I take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator every chance I get, I walk 10 minutes from the bus station to my job instead of catching another bus that would take 45 seconds to get there. I walk on average 6 hilly miles a week, and will likely walk another 3-4 miles on our family walk on Saturday. I’ve also made sure to eat healthy balanced meals, with a mid-morning snack and my biggest meal in the middle of the day.

I definitely need to muster up some motivation with a side of determination. I am making small decisions that add up, but to get where I want to be I need to make a commitment and stick to it. My days are long, my energy low, my desire non-existent but I want the results. So I have to make the effort. I would love to blame it on “baby weight” but I know good and well I was 30 pounds overweight before I got pregnant, it’s “office weight”. I want to get back down to 135-140, even though I’m short I’ve never been skinny even at my best weight. I’m more focused on how I feel and my health. My pants are my judge on weight, not the scale. So once I fit into my favorite jeans that have been hanging on the hanger in the closet so long the hanger mark is faded into it, then I’ll know I’ve made it to my ideal weight. Having kids does change your body so I know things might not look like they used to even when I get to the weight I want, but toning will come later. First things first.

Step 1. Make a commitment (it seems like I’m full of commitments these days. Thank goodness for my lists to keep them all straight!)

My health commitment is as follows:

  • Make smart food choices (starting Monday February 8th- might as well start after the weekend)
  • Drink at least 2 liters (8 cups) of water a day
  • Walk at least 10 miles a week
  • Get up early everyday for a month and do Cize before work (you guessed it, starting Monday)
  • Meditate before bed (you think being fit is just physical?)

Step 2. Follow through

Step 3. Update. I’ll update you next week on my progress with my commitments.

Do you have any health goals you are committing to? Where do you get your motivation? Do you exercise in the morning or at the end of the day? Do you exercise alone or with a partner? What helps keep you consistent? Do you workout at a gym, at home or outdoors? Let me know your thoughts on living a healthier lifestyle!


18 Replies to “Fit Friday! Healthy Lifestyle Choices”

  1. Great post! I’ve lost my way a bit over the last few months but prior to that I was in a great routine. Hopefully I can get back to it. Like yourself, making healthy eating choices and drinking 2 litres a day is top of the list. Exercise wise, I’ve found what works for me is first thing in the morning, at home, 45mins minimum and I alternate what I do … Some days are strength training, some cardio, some pure abs, some a combination and I try to fit in some yoga as well. Getting started is the hardest but once I get the pattern going, it’s easy enough to stick to it! Looking forward to following your journey 😀

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    1. I hope you get back into your routine. Sounds like you had a great thing going! I agree that it gets easier once you are over the beginning phase. That’s why I want to do a month straight of the dance DVD to help me establish a daily routine. My problem is all it takes is a day off to turn into a year!

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      1. It’s called Cize. I was going to put a link for it but I didn’t want it to seem like it was a sponsored post. It’s by the beach body company. I think P90X was one of their more week known programs. A different guy does the Cize videos but if I’m not mistaken Ita through the same company. It’s several DVDs but I haven’t made it past the first so hopefully I’ll be able to say I have come a month from Monday 😉

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  2. I can see myself in this post 😄 I am trying to create the same routine as well. To get up early and do some exercise, to eat healthy during the day and then meditate before sleeping. I have to say that it is hard for me. I cut out bread last week and I try to eat less sugar. I feel better already now. I can recommend it to everyone. 👍

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  3. I don’t do sports, I just can’t commit to something, after a few days I quit, but I do love to walk, if that counts as a sport. I am lucky enough to be skinny and not having a weight problem, but the thing is for me personally, I don’t force myself to eat healthy or to drink water, I love water :), I don’t drink soda. I have an ulcer because I ate too much potato chips.. and instead of meals and that damaged my stomach. I chose an healthier lifestyle and it’s easy, it’s not a diet, I love the healthy meals I make. 🙂 It’s all about the attitude.

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    1. I don’t think you have to necessarily do sports to live an active lifestyle. Hiking, walking, yoga, are all things that keep you active. I agree that it is about the attitude, and that’s exactly right a lifestyle choice not a diet. I’m glad that you are on the right track! Good for you 🙂

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  4. I totally identify with the discipline and commitment issue… you know my struggle. I am aiming to start exercising next week – maybe even this weekend if I get ambitious 😆. Thanks for reminding me that I need to drink more water ☺ Good luck with achieving your goals!

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  5. My best friend and I live a 24 hour drive away from each other. We started a 30-day workout routine together on the first. So to keep each other motivated, we let each other know how it went that day.

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    1. That’s a really good idea Niki. My old roommate and I used to do that when I moved away. We’d text each other how we did for the day and motivate and encourage each other when we didn’t meet our goal, it helps a lot! Good fit the two of you!


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