Weekend Meet & Greet!!

As you may or may not know, my little blog recently reached a milestone. Over 100 people have chosen to follow it! This is very exciting and I’m so thankful to each and every person
that has supported me thus far. Whether you have quietly looked and left, clicked, liked, or commented, it has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

I am very aware that daily posting and sheer desire isn’t enough. Half of the followers I have are new to my blog (within the last week) and this is due to a meet and greet I participated in (click on the link to find some great blogs). When I first started blogging I was not aware of the blogging community or of the importance of liking, commenting and clicking. I was a silent read, reflect and leave type. I’ve stumbled across a couple of blogs- Jason’s over at HarsH ReaLITy (who I have been reading for some time) and through him discovered Danny over at Dream Big, Dream Often. It’s their advice and example that has made me aware not only the existence but the importance of the blogging community.

Like any community you are apart of, it’s always good to give back. Which brings me to my meet and greet. After reading a couple of posts on Danny’s page and Jason opening up a platform for bloggers to share their links, I added something to my blog’s to-do list. With 59 followers I decided that if I made it to 100 I would host bi-weekly meet and greets. A way for bloggers to connect, get exposure and find new blogs to follow. I’ll release further details on the day of the event, but just be sure to have a blog in mind when you check out the post.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you at the meet and greet this weekend.


10 Replies to “Weekend Meet & Greet!!”

  1. Hi Niki! I saw a comment of yours on one of Danny’s posts. It is so wonderful what he does. CONGRATS on your 100 followers! I have been blogging for just under 6 months and my goal is 100 (to start with 😉 ) as well. Meet and greets are amazing and they benefit everyone immensely! Again, congrats!

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  2. Hi Niki,
    Thank you so much for subscribing to my blog! If you comment on my site, I can see your Email, and invite you to pin to our exclusive group Pinterest board.
    How did you find my blog? I always wonder. Was it through Danny Ray?
    Once again, welcome!

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