Travel Thursdays-A Place You Love

This Travel Thursday post is both for my regular Travel Thursday series but also for the February Love Is In Da Blog challenge. As I write this, the prompt hasn’t been posted. In thinking of the theme description provided, it says to write about a place that you love. The first place that comes to mind is a place that I don’t have to travel to reach.ย 

It is a place that I feel warm, accepted, and respected. A place that I am always welcome, andย even admired. A place that when you think about it isn’t really a place at all, because no matter where I live, this place comes along. A place that isn’t attached to a room or building, country or continent. A place that I know with my eyes closed, can smell a mile away, and is always on my heart.

This place is is not to be confused with house. It is where I go to recharge my batteries, to snuggle my girls, to laugh until my cheeks hurt, to talk about my day with my husband. It is where I would rather be most of the time. A place I miss when I’m not there, because I know that there is no place like my home.

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