Wordless Wednesday- Word Edition

Technically this is supposed to be a wordless post, but I’m a wanna be writer not photographer so…here’s my short sentiments on this photo.

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sleepy girls

I absolutely love to see the adoration and love these girls have for each other. They ask for each other first thing in the morning, they get excited to see each other after big sis has been at school all day. When one cries the other does too, when one laughs the other follows suit (even if she doesn’t know what her sister is laughing about). Big sissy prayed many nights for a sibling. She wanted one with all of her mighty little heart and when she least expected it, her prayer was answered. She spent my whole pregnancy kissing my tummy goodnight, giving it a morning hug, singing, reading and talking to her sister. When baby sissy was born, within hours I skyped big sis to virtually introduce her to her miracle sister. Although sound asleep, when the Skype call connected and she heard that squeaky little loving voice, she opened her eyes and bobbed her head around in the direction of the phone in recognition of the voice that sang so many lullabies, told so many stories, and prayed for her health. My heart couldn’t be more full or my laughter more genuine than when I see these two together like the only two pieces to a puzzle.

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