Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday- Company Buyout

As you know from previous posts, my hubby and I moved overseas with our girls recently. As much as I hate the monotony of most jobs we have to make a living and I came across a wonderful opportunity to work part-time. This situation is ideal because I am able to be home in time to get lunch together and pick my oldest up from school. It also gets me out of the house (where I would likely be sitting in my pj’s with the best of intentions of getting stuff done but no motivation because that’s how I am when it comes to endless housework), makes me feel useful, and enables me to contribute financially to my family.

That sounds wonderful! What could be wrong? Well I have a 6 month contract that extends indefinitely should they want to keep me past my 6 month contract except the company just got bought out. So here I was excited about this great thing I have going and just like that it turns out there is a possibility it won’t last much longer.

Nothing has been confirmed either way, but you know how things go with mergers and buyouts. Downsizing, consolidating, renegotiating. So I know the reality is they might want to do away with my position. My only hope is that I have been able to establish my worth and they decide to keep me.

The job market is terrible here so you have to be thankful for whatever you get. I’m lucky enough to have a typical office job with weekends and holidays off, home in time to spend the afternoon and evenings with my girls and with a position I’m familiar and comfortable with. I’ve always been one to land on my feet so I’m not worried really, just perturbed with the uncertainty and the idea of job hunting and going through the interview process again. Not to mention I’ve stepped into a position that hasn’t been properly staffed so I have a backlog of 3-5 years of work I’ve been cleaning up along with trying to manage the daily tasks. I guess that doesn’t really matter but it makes me feel like all of my hard work is for nothing.

The reality is nothing has been confirmed one way or another. So I’m going to keep going to work and doing what I do, working as hard as I would if the owner of the company were standing next to me, smiling and treating every customer as if they were my main concern and prioritizing so I don’t lose my mind in the process. There’s no sense in worrying because it won’t change anything anyway so I’m going to leave any anxiety and worry trapped in this post and move on. I’ll take life as it comes and be thankful I have a job for now and keep my options open as my contract comes to an end should they wash their hands of me.

2 Replies to “Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday- Company Buyout”

    1. I know, the worst part is being kept in the dark. If they said hey at the end of the contract we aren’t going to renew at least I’d know what to expect but not knowing makes it difficult. As they say expect the best and prepare for the worst, that’s my mentality these days.


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