Triple Digits & A Commitment

I can’t believe it! I’ve have made it to the triple digits in followers! On the one hand I don’t let the numbers influence what I write because it is an outlet for me. On the other hand, how can I not get excited about every comment, like and follow? I’m only human! To everyone that takes time to read a post or four, a moment to comment and a second to click the like button, thank you. It is so encouraging to see that people are interested enough to read and some even come back.

This is even more exciting because I did not anticipate it. I created this blog back in 2014, abandoned it, came back, forgot about it and now I’ve come back committed and it has made such a difference. I had 58 followers this time last week and I have almost twice as many now. I attribute this to two main factors- 1. I’ve been writing consistently, not just writing for the sake of my blog showing up on the reader but writing quality content. 2. I’ve been networking. The first few times around I didn’t know much less understand the importance of the blogging community. In an effort to find more blogs to show up on my reader, I started checking out bloggers that commented on posts that I read and one thing lead to another and I participated in a meet and greet.

Which brings me to my commitment. After reading a few posts on building the blogging community, I added something to my blogging bucket list. Upon reaching 100 followers, I wanted to host a bi-weekly meet and greet. I want to be able to contribute to the blogging community, get new bloggers to discover blogs, get their blogs out there, ask questions, and connect with other bloggers. So this Saturday I will host my first meet and greet. I hope that you stop by. Thanks again whether you just found me or have been following me since the beginning, it is much appreciated.


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