Tuesday Tao- Core Post

I just discovered this website after being intrigued by this one. I have been kicking around the idea of changing the themes of my weekly topics and after reading this, it inspired me to change all of my topics to accommodate a new one- Tao Tuesdays. I’m not sure if I will write on the Tuesday prompt only or if I will include the Tao of the entire week on the following Tuesday. I’ll have to think about it. I like that it gives me something to write about and there is thought and reflection involved in the writing prompt.

If you aren’t familiar with what a Tao is, (don’t be embarrassed, I had to refresh my memory) according to Wikipedia it is a Chinese concept signifying “way”, “path”, “route” or sometimes more loosely, “doctrine” or “principle”.  

I grew up as a Protestant, Evangelical Christian. This was not by choice, obviously as a child, I went wherever my parents took me and believed what they taught me. Over the years, I’ve distanced myself from identifying with a particular religion and have focused more on the concepts, message and teachings across many religions. I find similarities between different religions intriguing and try to focus more on the teachings and the message they convey. I finally accepted Buddhism for many reasons, the main reason being that I don’t actually consider it a religion. I consider it more of a philosophy, a mentality, a code of conduct. I believe in the message and it does not conflict any religion I can think of. It does not impose a god or deity that would cause confliction with your current god or deity. I don’t believe you have to convert to accept its teachings. You don’t have to go to a specific place to practice it.

While I am still discovering and understanding more about Buddhism, I can appreciate it. I often refer to it when I need guidance, inner peace, or to give advice to my daughter. I meditate often (more often than not while I’m walking) although I need to make more of an effort to practice mindfulness as it is truly intended. I like having it as an instruction manual to refer to when making tough choices and teaching my daughter how to make her own choices.

So while I don’t practice Taoism, that doesn’t mean that I can’t be open to its message. Take a look through my Daily Tao posts to read them for yourself, ponder the message and reflect on your own thoughts. Namaste.

Update- February 7, 2016: I haven’t gotten permission from the host at the website I originally wanted to use as a prompt for posts. I have found another website that allows content to be used for non-commercial purposes so I will do my weekly post on the Tao that speaks to me when I go to write that day. This is the new website I will use to search for the Tao translations.

15 Replies to “Tuesday Tao- Core Post”

    1. Thank you Maria. I’ve decided to dedicate my morning bus ride to work to reading and commenting on other blogs and the night hours after the girls first go to sleep to writing. That means sacrificing a bit of my binge watching time but it’s for a good purpose 😉 Maybe you can start with one Tao day a month or just dedicating a few moments of the day to slow down and not write about it. Never know where it can lead over time 😉

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      1. That’s exactly how I started, just shifting my thoughts so the first thing I thought about was positive. Over time I started walking and reflecting on things during the walk, then meditating. Meditation takes a lot more because I have to focus and clear my thoughts and find a quiet space and all but I know how important it is and the benefits it has so I do need to be better about making time not excuses… 😮

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      2. Yeah even my walks in the morning really set the tone for my day. It’s a lot harder for things to rattle me after my 10 minute walk of peace and focusing on the beauty of nature. You too Maria! 🙂


  1. I’ve noticed, if we look deeply, that there is a common thread among different faiths. I’ve also noticed that there is a common Spirit within all mankind. One “way” may express it this way and another that way, but if we get down to the level that we recognizing what is living in us, we also innately understand its full summary. …the path.

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    1. For sure! That’s something that lead me to be spiritual vs religious because from my own deduction, what you call it depends on where/how you were raised. There are similarities across faiths all over the world so the voice of reason inside my head says it’s all one and just as there are different languages there are different faiths. That’s why I embrace the path vs a particular faith 😉


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